Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pita Chips And Hummus!

I was feeling the need to eat something-- which always hits me at precisely 11:00 every day. I can tell time by it. I say things like, "It must be getting close to 11." Or, "I think it must be after 11 because I haven't eaten and I am starting to get that pass out feeling."

Yes, I know this is not the right way to eat. I have gotten into a tad bit better habit at home because I bought a pop-up toaster and now I can coax myself into eating some plain, lightly buttered toast about 9am. That is progress in the eating breakfast department. I have not eaten breakfast since I was in junior high (that's middle school to some of you). But I am trying to make progress. I am happy to report that since I got consistent about eating breakfast ("Metabolism! It's time to wake up now!") and cutting sweet tea pretty much out of my diet (I know.) I am actually, gradually, losing weight. I mean, don't get excited because with my improved eating habits have been a marked decrease in my exercise efforts. At some point, I know I will get them both going at the actual same time. This will be good, when it happens.

You all might remember the disaster time period where I ran consistently and not one pound came off. Not. One. Pound. So, I decided to take the advice of my diet/exercise guru friends like Karen and Lysa, and my mom and actually eat breakfast. And my husband said he knew this guy who cut out sweet tea and automatically lost ten pounds. (We have to keep in mind that this was a guy and not a woman this happened to, so I was hesitant.) But it sounded good to me so I decided to attempt to cut sweet tea out. I didn't think I could, as I thought the dt's would be too violent to go on with normal life. But y'all, it wasn't that hard at all. Now, I have actually gotten to where I prefer lemon water to sweet tea from Chick fil a. I know. Now when Curt wants to do something sweet for me, he brings me a large water from CFA with three slices of lemon. (That was per my request, so don't worry-- it doesn't hurt my feelings. I am reminded of the story when Art brought Lysa a Diet Coke by accident early in their marriage and she took it as his message to her that she needed to lose weight. He tried to explain it was just a mistake as she cried, "You think I'm fat!" That story never fails to make me laugh.)

Ok, so getting back to the original intent of this post, it was getting to be 11:00 and I hadn't eaten because there is no pop-up toaster here at the beach and it totally got me off track and back to my old habits of not eating breakfast. As I tried to work up the urge to go eat something-- y'all, I know that's weird but I do have to talk myself into eating at times. This is not made up, ask Lysa, she will vouch for my weird eating habits-- and then I remembered. Yesterday I bought pita chips and hummus at the grocery store!!

And I felt so happy, I had to share my happiness with someone. And so, I figured I would share it here because I can promise you, if I shared this with my husband (the only adult around right now) I would get his patented blank stare. Blank stare means: God, give me strength because women are so weird and being married to someone who is so weird takes Your strength and Your strength alone.

But you guys understand how a good snack/lunch like that can totally make your day, right?

And now I am off to indulge myself!
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Lysa TerKeurst said...

Oh you make me laugh. Yes, I totally get that. And I seriously love pita chips and hummus... like in the depths of my soul love it. As a matter of fact, I may have to drive over to the Teeter right now and buy me some.

That way I can have something to look forward to for dinner tonight. But I won't share my hummus and pita excitement with Art... because you know... the whole weird woman thing would be filling his brain as well.


I love the blogging world. Like you, it gives me a place to share all my weirdness with people who totally get it. Not that I'm saying you are weird... but just that we are both so totally female.

Gotta love it.

Have a blast at the beach.

Audra Krell said...

HI! I found your blog through High Calling Blogs and have really been enjoying it this afternoon. First- I just started drinking tea about six months ago. I drink a Venti passion tea lemonade with melon sweeter in it, several times a week. I'm also trying to lose weight and it's not really working.(I'm exercising 4x a week.) The tea is that big of a deal? What do I not know about something that seems better than soda to drink?
Next, unfortunately the "Zohan" movie completely ruined me on Hummus. I have never had a movie have that kind of affect on me. If you haven't seen it, I advise you don't! : ) Finally, I just linked you to my blogroll and would love it if you would do the same!

Ariel Allison Lawhon said...

The whole hummus thing is exactly why we are friends. There have been seasons of my life that I've eaten hummus every day for weeks (usually while pregnant).

Oh, and remember how I'm supposed to call you if that thing happens? Well, be expecting my call. :-)

Heather Conrad said...

I am SO laughing at the blank stare husband thing! So great to "hear" when I feel so alone in my weirdness :)

Thanks for the laugh this morning, and for your devotion - God knew I needed to read this and refocus (yet again!) this morning on Him.

Can't say I'm a big fan of humus, but the sweet tea thing is something I can relate to (this from a girl who lives up north!), gotta love Chick-Fil-A.

You'll get there with the exercise thing. Just as in your quiet time, when there comes a point where you see it as precious time with him, over this sense of "duty", you actually look forward to exercise time - whatever that looks like for you.