Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gardening On The News

Ok, pretty cool-- remember the garden that I got involved in back in the spring? (A bunch of moms got together through an online homeschool group and decided to do a co-op garden.) Well, somehow the local news heard about us and came out to film a story on us! (With the economy, growing food is a "hot topic" right now and I guess our story was a good twist on that.) So, they came yesterday for our "weeding Wednesdays" and filmed us. If you want to see the link, just go here. There is also a film clip you can watch from there.

I realize it's not Oprah, but it's still pretty fun-- and very neat for the kids to see a film crew find something their crazy mom got them involved in as "newsworthy."
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Anonymous said...

i met you at the nc homeschool convention... i was the one at the my father's world booth staring you down :)! i think this is an awesome idea. i was confused when i would read about your garden what garden you were talking about. i guess i needed to read back a little bit!! i may try this out here where i live with my homeschool group next summer. i love to garden but lack the time to have a big one. thanks for the idea and i am glad you guys got some local recognition!
brae hogan

Anonymous said...

I loved your friend's comment, "Everything is better shared." Just like your blog, I appreciate your sharing life with us.