Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What I'm Doing

I am trying to wrap my brain around the whole Twitter thing. Do I really want to add that element to my life? Would it stress me out? Do I really want to think that much about letting people know what I am constantly up to? And furthermore, why would anyone really care???

So, just as a test run, here is what I am doing today:

Going through a proposal that my agent gently critiqued for me last night and seeing what I need to do to get it ready for She Speaks.

Going through and making final edits on our book-- that's right folks, it's mostly finished! (You can bet I will post when it's done and actually sent.)

Going to the garden with the kiddos to do our weekly weeding, and taking the camera this time.

Making a simple dinner of rotisserie chicken I picked up at the grocery, the fiesta rice I posted about last week, and steamed broccoli.

Trying to finish an article I need to write for The Old Schoolhouse. Note to self: never take freelance work that has a deadline right around when you have a book due and a huge conference coming up!

Hopefully writing a blog post about the giveaway I am doing and posting the photos from our weekend in FL.

Folding laundry, sorting a huge pile of papers that reproduced while I was in FL, making a few phone calls about plans for the kids next year, and maybe getting a shower.

ETA: A mid-afternoon update:
I did get not one, but two, showers! I had to after the garden-- I was filthy! We spent 2.5 hours at the garden, which ate up most of our day-- but boy did we have fun-- I hope to post pictures later of my younger two at the garden.

I did correspond with the the interviewee for my article for TOS. I wrote the two blog posts I wanted to get done and had an unexpected conversation with an old friend who called to tell me she had visited my church. I folded the laundry and the kids put it away. Dinner has turned into hot dogs which my daughter will make while I am at an orthodontist appointment I forgot all about for my son this afternoon. Thank goodness he reminded me in plenty of time to get there! So, there was no way I was going to get dinner made for them to eat in time for swim practice. So, hot dogs it is. Nutritious!

I did not sort the papers or get any ironing done, which I had hoped to do. I also remembered that I have to have a breakfast casserole baked by tomorrow morning for my daughter's special 8th grade graduation breakfast. Which means a trip to the grocery sometime this evening to get all the ingredients and a late night assembly! I begged my poor unsuspecting husband to fry the sausage-- one of my least favorite things to do.

Why oh why wasn't I one of the people who got assigned a box of donuts I ask you??

I did not work on the edits for the book or the proposals I am supposed to be preparing. And don't even talk to me about the talk I am supposed to be getting ready for She Speaks or the devotions I owe P31 by mid June!

All in all, just another normal day of chaos!
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Lisa said...

Hey girl!
Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Sounds like you are Ms. Productive these days. Maybe I should have added that chapter to BTE! :)

Be in touch with me!
Lisa :)

tiggerdaisy said...

SHOWERS are a MUST! :) hahahahah

Sounds like you will be super busy today. I pray that you get everything done that you hope to accomplish!

Congrats on getting the book almost finished!

Prayers and Blessings!
Rebecca said...

Well, great news all around. It might just drive you insane to write this all the time. Maybe just take a hot bubble bath. Lol.

Paige said...

I got assigned at stinkin fruit platter. One, its my favorite thing in the world and if its in my house, then I would like to enjoy it. Two, fruit platters are so dang expensive to make. Oh, well, see you at the graduation. I will be the one dripping in my tears. This really stinks.