Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Welcome to all of you who stop by today after reading the P31 devo! Glad you're here! Today I am sharing how we spent Father's Day. How did you spend Father's Day? Leave a comment and let me know--

Yesterday, as you undoubtedly know, was Father's Day. We had a great Father's Day-- even though I must say that Curt didn't get to sit around with his feet propped up very much! He wanted to cook his own breakfast, so I didn't try to talk him out of it. We started off the day by giving him his gifts-- a book he had mentioned wanting to read and Starbucks gift cards plural! Then we had a big breakfast (cooked by him) of eggs, cinnamon rolls, and sausage links. Then it was off to church. We got a nice surprise when our realtor-- whom we have grown to love and consider part of the family-- came to church with us! (If you ever need a realtor recommendation for Charlotte, email me!) Church was great as we are participating in a worldwide series called "One Prayer." Pastor Craig Groeschel preached on church unity-- something that is so, so needed.

After we got home, Curt and two of the kids went to the pool, I headed to the grocery store to get dinner, and the other kids hung out at home and napped. While I was out, I stopped at my favorite stores-- Steinmart and Marshall's. Without these two stores, I would not have a wardrobe!! I am in the final throes of trying to get my wardrobe pulled together for She Speaks-- which I think the entire speaker team is also trying to do, as was evidenced by the myriad of emails that were flying back and forth yesterday on the topic of SHOES! Ah, women-- you gotta love 'em!

When I got home, I had just enough time to unload the groceries and welcome the sitter. Curt and I headed out to Kohl's (another wardrobe staple) to get him a pair of pants for work and then on to an early dinner/late lunch at our favorite little Japanese place. We have developed a serious love for this rice bowl topped with Katsu fried chicken and steamed broccoli. Yum! Then we headed to the least exciting but most necessary phase of our date-- to Barnes and Noble to hunker down and finish this book! I am happy to report that, after working for four hours yesterday, I just have to do one final pass-through edit and the footnotes and this baby is done!!

(Pause for applause.)

It is such a great feeling to know we are so close to turning in this book. With God's help (so much better than saying, "With any luck"), I hope to submit it before I go into She Speaks, as that will be one less thing weighing on me.

As I read through the book yesterday, I was so overcome with the sense that this book is actually going to help people who are struggling with money, which is why we did it of course. But you wonder at times if that will come through. If you desire to write a book, I would encourage you to take the focus off writing it just for the sake of "getting published." Instead focus on the people your message will reach. It makes such a difference in the writing and in your enthusiasm. Every time I would pick it up while we were writing it, I would get excited all over again just in realizing the potential this book has to offer hope to those who are struggling with money-- especially in today's hurting economy. (Seen the gas prices lately? Bought any groceries lately? It's tough out there!)

Please know I say this in true awe-- because I know it was God supplying the words and the ideas. It was certainly not us. If it had been me and Curt on our own, the book would have read like Charlie Brown's teacher talks.

I won't tell you how our date ended-- as it was not exactly what you want to come home to. Let's just say that Curt was vying for Father of the Year as he cleaned up a most unfortunate mess in our bathroom that had occurred in our absence. I walked in to see him on his knees, scrubbing unmentionable substances, and whispered, "Happy Father's Day." He laughed in spite of himself and I did too. Parenting: it's not for the faint of heart... or stomach.
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Lisa said...

Hey girl!
Loved the devo on P31 today. Great!

I can't wait to see you on Friday and catch up with you. Did you know that LeAnn has me "assisting" her? She even threatened to make me a nametag that said "LeAnn" on it and not give herself one! I told her that as I have just written a book on NOT taking on someone else's identity, this would not be such a good idea. :) Yeah, I'm really spiritual, that way.

See ya soon!
Lisa :)

Kelly said...

Marybeth, your devotional today really spoke to my heart! I am going to sit down and think about those 'surface' areas and ask God to help me with that! I don't want to be whitewashed tomb, and I do want to care more about what's inside than what is on the outside....
I can't wait to read your book, I know it is going to be so great, and it will help many people I am sure!

Valerie said...

I'm so happy for you for getting the book done in record time! And I'm looking forward to reading it when it comes out :-) We were in that debt-free place before we moved out here, did an international adoption, and got a little lax about our spending. We've tightened the belt again these past couple of years, changed our lifestyle and expectations, and we're chipping away at it again because it is such an awesome feeling to be debt-free.

I'll see you Friday and I'll be paying extra close attention to everyone's shoes after all your email discussions!

Debra Zantman said...

Wow Marybeth the writing of that book went extremely fast. Congrats for being done. Your husband Curt sounds like a gem! He sounds like my husband Henk. My husband Henk was cleaning up messes on his fathers day too!
Husbands are such blessings.

Starr said...

Looking forward to She Speaks and your new book!! Sounds like something I really need to read.
Hope to meet you Friday!

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Oh, what a good man you have, and what a great God we serve.

I love what you said about the motivation for writing a book.

Wish I could be at She Speaks this year to chat with you in person. But we'll have to just stay bloggy friends until God connects our path someday.