Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Greetings to all of you who stop by today for the first time or for the first time in a long time! I have a devotion up today at Proverbs 31, which usually means I have some new folks popping by to get to know me and read some of my ramblings. If you are a regular, thanks for faithfully visiting me and if you are new, I hope you will keep coming back.

I talk about any number of things here on my blog-- mostly my family, my struggles, and what it's like to love the Lord and live for Him in this broken, fallen world. Oh, and I occasionally post recipes and menu plans, too! Because eating is a big part of living-- at least for me and my family it seems to be. It is ridiculous the amount of time I spend dealing with F-O-O-D. Shopping, planning, buying, cooking... Can anyone relate?

I am so happy you stopped by and I hope you will keep coming back to visit! Be sure to leave a comment in the entry below this one for your chance to win a great book!
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turtlepearl said...

Hi. I just read your devotional on "encouragement for Today." I have just one thing to say - OUCH! This one really spoke to me. Much food for thought. I'll definitely be back to check out more of your blog some day when I have a little more time. Thanks for sharing such valuable insights. Have a great day. Hugs, Cindy

Tammy Nischan said...


I LOVED your devo today! Thank you so, so much for your reminder that the world watches us....even when we don't know it!

Tammy Nischan

Melissa said...

I laughed so hard when I read, "Eating is a big part of living and It is ridiculous the amount of time I spend dealing with F-O-O-D." I can so relate! With 4 children and a husband, I feel like I spend half of my life in the kitchen!

Thank you for your devotion this morning. It's strange how, when God is working on an area in our lives He sends someone to reinforce what He has been saying. Your devotion spoke volumes to me! :) His latest lesson in my life has been, all about living a life that is transparent, visible and living it for Him.

Thank you for living out loud. ~Melissa

Zoe said...

Hey Marybeth,
I loved your devo today! What a great reminder.

I hope you're up and "running" make that walking again.
Can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

karleen said...
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karleen said...

Hi Marybeth,
Your devotional was great today. It really hit home and gave me food for thought. Enjoy your day.

Jill said...


Your devotional spoke volumes to me today!! I'm in tears as I write this because I know the Lord used you to speak to my heart today & probably many others as well. Being the same woman, mother, etc. around people & behind closed doors is a daily struggle for me. I want so much to be the patient, loving & caring mother the Lord has called me to be but I always seem to fall back into the same old pit! In the back of my mind I'm always reminded of Franklin Graham's words at his mother's funeral. He said that she was the same woman at home that you & I saw in public. My children could hardly say that about me, but I continue to strive for that end result! Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to use you to encourage others in the incredible challenging task of motherhood & life!

Pamela said...

Thank you for sharing your devo. It definitely hit the spot today. I printed out your questions for me to look at as a reminder.

Have a great day!

Mab said...

I've been reading your blog just recently... Thank you for the devotion- I'll be more thoughtful of how I act by anyone who can see me especially my boys.

Shelley said...

Hi Marybeth, I'll have to hop on over and check out that devotion. I don't know if you remember me but I had the honor of being your helper and introducing you last year at the Hearts at Home conference in Bloomington. Btw, I read Blue Like Jazz and enjoyed it. And you should read Same Kind of Different as Me, if you haven't yet. Glad to find your blog.


Patti's Chat said...

Hello Marybeth -
I receive the Prov 31 devotions in my inbox. This happens to me all the time. I put my cursur on it to see what the title of the devotion is and somehow I say "hmmm..sounds like Marybeth", bam - it is! It's you each time I think it's you! I always enjoy your devotions and love your realness! Get well my friend!