Monday, May 05, 2008

Good For Nothin'

I need to do laundry.

I need to empty and reload the dishes.

I need to unpack.

I need to thaw chicken for dinner.

I need to go to the P31 offices and take back the few books that didn't sell this weekend, plus place my order for what I will be taking this coming weekend.

I need to take some books to the library that are due, pay a fine, and pick up some holds.

I need to go buy goggles at Target for the kids' first swim practice tonight. And I need to pick up a few other things while I am at it.

I need to make some appointments to see some houses since we now need to find a home to live in. Wow.

I need to do some school with the six year old and not try to pass of "Go, Diego, Go" as school. See? Animals. That's educational.

But instead, I am avoiding it all. Because I am good for nothin'. I am tired, tired, tired. This weekend was so, so good. So rich and full of blessings. A sweet time of fellowship and sharing our stories with each other. I will admit that by the time the weekend was over, I was tired of the sound of my own voice. That is saying a lot! The weekend itself wasn't tiring, the traveling was. I left the hotel at 11:30am and arrived home at 8:00pm last night. Traveling exhausts me! It always has and no matter how much I do it, that never seems to change. Anyone else find that to be true? I am developing a serious dislike for airports-- where once I used to think they were exciting places. Once upon a time, I used to see planes up in the sky and envy the people on them, the exciting places I was sure they were going. Not so, now. Now home is a pretty exciting and, depending on the day, exotic place to be!

And so, today, I have decided to take it slow. To put anything I can off til tomorrow and use today to rest and get re-acclimated to life at home. To hang out and love on my kids. To take a nap if I can. To just rejoice in being home with my family, the place I love best in the world. Nothing like leaving to make you appreciate returning.

And to the ladies I just had the privilege of spending the weekend with: you guys were awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each one of you. I only wish I had had time to hear all your stories and get to know each of you better! You guys are special and you have a great thing going in your women's ministry-- but I suspect you already know that. Take care of each other and keep hold of the Father's hand! Please keep in touch-- and I am not just saying that!
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snowflake66 said...

Hi Marybeth -- we just met this weekend at the TVC Women's Retreat. We spoke briefly, and I told you how much your sharing meant to me.

I have found three things I believe God wants to add to my life through your inspirational words: to be a writer for the Lord, to take in foster children (as my husband and I have been unsuccessful having our own), and to perhaps speak to others about my journey and where good has been taking me.

You truly touched me with your words, candor, and amazing depth of honesty -- yes, we do serve the God of hope. You have helped me to internalize that.

So thank you, Marybeth, you are a blessing --

Margaret :)

Karen said...

Thanks for letting us know that you get tired and that it's okay to take a day to rest and recharge. Ironically it is what I am doing today after days of running crazy. I was feeling a little guilty until I read your post. Thanks!

Lisa B @ simply His said...

Oh no! You sound human! :) I'm putting off a lot of stuff that I need to be doing today, but I don't even have traveling as an excuse.

Take care and rest up! :)