Monday, April 07, 2008

What's Going On

This weekend I ran out of steam. I decided on Saturday to try walking around on my foot. Within a few hours, I was paying for it and realized that perhaps this was a bit premature. I went to bed and proceeded to mope for the rest of the day. I was tired of reading books and writing. I was bored. I spent an undue amount of time reading blogs and looking at websites. And then I discovered that several tv shows are online-- and that led to hours upon hours of pure-tee laziness, staring at my computer screen as I caught up on CSI episodes I have missed since I started watching Lost with my husband on Thursday nights, and on My Name Is Earl.

Understand that I am not recommending that anyone watch these shows, as neither of them are very wholesome. But when you are bored, you find you are less picky.

Then my quest for watching tv shows led to searching on Hulu and YouTube. This was not smart because I found out that YouTube has ALL the episodes of My So-Called Life, from episode one through nineteen. This show came out when I was not that long out of high school and could totally identify with Clare Danes' character, Angela Chase. It helped that the same folks who wrote and produced My So-Called Life were the geniuses who wrote and produced thirtysomething, which is hands-down my all-time favorite tv show ever. So, I didn't miss an episode, and was heartbroken when it was not renewed because of bad ratings (and because Clare Danes was getting tapped for a big screen career and was probably going to leave anyway). It didn't help that the show was up against this other new little show called Friends. So it got beat out in that time slot every week. And only lasted one season.

I spent the rest of my weekend watching old episodes of My So-Called Life. And what I shared with Curt is that, amazingly, something has happened in the over ten years since this show was first on. I have morphed into someone else. I no longer identify with Angela Chase. I identify with her poor mother, who longs to shelter and protect her daughter from all the stuff she is dealing with, but can't. Who struggles with that balance of saying too much or too little and constantly second guessing herself as a mom.

And that was my entertaining and most exciting weekend. Just another episode in my own so-called life.

Want to check out one of my most favorite clips from the show? Go here. (Just be sure to watch to the very end of the clip!)
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TheNormalMiddle said...

Don't shoot me, but I think adults have earned the right/priveledge to watch mindless tv shows that have little to no value aside from entertainment :)

I love LOST and my hubby likes CSI. I still love to watch the NBC comedy line up like the Office & Earl too :)

Don't feel guilty. Your mind is old and already ruined, so indulge a bit.


holly said...

I loved my so called life!! I had to sneak around my mom to watch it because (at least when I was addicted to it) it came on MTV and we were never allowed to watch anything on that channel!! Jordan Catalano--hmmmm-- I had a huge crush on him :). Hope things are well in NC!


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Oh hello new friend!! I SO loved thirtysomething as well. I watched it in college, and I have wondered how I'd perceive it now that I AM a thirtysomething.

Did you know that there's a new young adult type show that is out by the same producers? I haven't watched it.

Do you have a wheelchair for Disney? We'll push you if you need it girl and you're going to want to rest even if you walk some!!

Michelle said...

Hi there. it's been a long time since i've visited to catch up on your life :=) have a great day..

Renee Swope said...

Marybeth: I have never seen this show. Where was I? What year was this on? It's really good.I think I may cuddle up in bed with my laptop and indulge on a few episodes!

I'd love to bring you a meal soon. Somehow I never got on the schedule. My email was messed up for a while so I'll try to email you or Paige this week to see when you need something.

Hope your foot heals soon!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say that I could have written this post as well!!! (Not the foot part - just the My So-Called Life part!)

I was a senior in high school and us girls would all get together to watch - and CRY with Angela. Her life was our life! And we all loved Jordan Catalano. In fact I was actually living my own high school romance with my own Jordan - his name was Peter. Wow. What memories.

And when I saw a snippet of a re-run on a while ago, I simply couldn't even watch. I wanted to keep it in that time capsule intact. Because I knew, if I watched it, I would see that I was no longer Angela, but the mother. And that is not a bad thing, but some things are better left in the past.

Loved it. Still love the memory of it.

Growing In Grace Magazine said...

No second guessing Marybeth! We do our best and God does the rest. :O)

Joyful said...

Marybeth, I have never heard of this TV show - but the clip you chose to highlight is so good! How it spoke to my heart. If we could all only see ourselves as God sees us - "precious and honoured in His sight". To fully grasp that all He made is "very good".

I did the same as you on Sunday afternoon, but I don't have an excuse! I wasn't laid up in bed, but chose to spend the afternoon checking out blogs and watching television shows via Internet. I happened to land on the "Dateline" episide "A Twist of Fate" about the "Mistaken Identity" of two young girls that had just aired the end of March. It was a 2 hour special, but I couldn't stop watching! The testimony of the faith, strength, grace, forgiveness, mercy of these two families...what an amazing witness. God's Hand is evident - even in what the world would often view as "secular" TV shows.

Trust your foot is continuing to heal. If you want a good movie to watch, last night I saw "The Saving of Sarah Cain". Make sure you have a box of Kleenex nearby - I was a wreck by the end of the movie!

Praying for you,

Carol said...

I have to admit that I watch My Name is Earl when I see it on. It just totally cracks me up. But you are right, it isn't exactly the most wholesome. But that Joy is a riot. LOL