Thursday, March 13, 2008

Now You've Really Done It

Remember how yesterday I boldly wrote that this week was a normal week and I could use a little normal?

I should have realized that it was Wednesday as I was writing that and not to get ahead of myself.

Last night as we were walking into our small group meeting, my foot went into a hole in the neighbor's yard and I twisted my ankle really badly. I stumbled my way into their house and sat through the entire meeting with ice on my foot. My foot kept time in the meeting, throbbing out its own little rhythm as we discussed what our generation has to offer other generations. While I enjoyed the meeting, what I really wanted was to be home in bed with my foot propped up.

Because it is not my ankle that is bothering me, it is the top of my foot. There is a definite knot on my foot and putting any weight on it at all is not possible. I literally have to stumble my way around, dragging my foot behind me.

It is pretty to watch.

As I was going to bed, Curt told me that I just needed sleep which, bless his heart, is his answer for everything. In my mind, I was mentally canceling all the things I have to do today. Because I knew that getting "out and about" would be a tall order if my foot wasn't any better.

This morning when I woke up, I timidly went to stand on it, only to be met with worse pain than last night. I am in sad shape and the day stretches out ahead of me. I am still not quite sure how I will run this house when I can barely walk.

And so this morning I have a new appreciation for the things I was doing just yesterday without a thought: things like emptying laundry from the dryer, unloading the dishes, exercising, and, well, walking around. I am praying this day goes by quickly and that God will supply all my needs when I need them. Right now I need coffee but the walk to the coffeepot just sounds too hard.

Should be an interesting day.
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Michelle said...

I hope your foot heals quickly.

Joyful said...

Sorry to hear of your accident. Boy, sounds like several of you P31 gals are suffering - I read about Renee's wrist, Melissa's foot...take care. May the Lord be your strength today.
Praying for you,

LAUREN at Faith Fuel said...

Why is that dear husbands everywhere proclaim Peaceful sleep as the answer to almost everything? Then they quickly proceed to do just that: they start snoring away as if to demonstrate the wonder of it all, this amazing thing called sleep!

Celly B said...

I'll be praying that your foot heals quickly and that God provides a way for all to get done today that needs to get done.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marybeth! I hate to be a downer, but are you sure it's not broken? I broke my wrist last summer and I was in denial - at least until the excruciating pain set in.

I also wanted to let you know that I wrote a post on my blog about how YOU inspired me to start my blog.

Feel better,

Debra Zantman said...

Hope it heal very quickly. Here is a air ((hug))

Maggie - Mom of Six said...

I hope it heals quickly and is not broken. After being on crutches for almost 3 months and just now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have grown to really appreciate the simplicity of just carrying a cup of coffee as I walk around the yard.

Julie said...

Praying your foot is better soon!

tiggerdaisy said...

Hope your foot feels better SOON!

Listen, my husband wouldn't care how much pain he was in...he would literally drag himself to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee! To him, it would be worth it. Me, I'm kinda like you. I may want a cup, but it wouldn't be worth my being in pain to get it! hahaha

Girl, you must start sharing some of these recipes. It's just not fair for you to tell us what you are making throughout the week without giving us a few of the recipes!!! :) :) Pretty please?!?!?! :) :)

Prayers and Blessings!

Laura said...

I broke my foot a few years ago, chasing the dog, of all things. It looked like a pufferfish, and was a lovely shade of purple. I'm praying that your foot feels better soon! I wonder what kind of message God is sending...hmmm. I know He was telling me to slow down and learn to ask others for help. I fought that, tooth and nail. But when I broke my foot, I had no choice in the matter!

Amy Wyatt said...

I am so sorry. I know how you feel. When I broke my foot a while back, it was very difficult to look at everything that had to be done and know that I couldn't get up and do it. I will be praying for you to heal quickly. Also, like Carol I wanted to let you know that I credited and linked to you in my interview with CWO that you were one of the reasons I started my blog.

Panda-Mom said...

Just happened onto your blog this evening and am quite refreshed! I am just now embarking on the homeschool world, doing my own research and trying to determine which styles I want to "do". Thanks for the Kindergarten post. It is EXACTLY what I needed to hear...tonight. Who knew? ; ) I will surely be back for more...

Amy L Brooke said...

Sorry to hear about your foot! Does it need x-rays or anything?

Last year, I fell off a horse and broke my tailbone. Actually, the ER only took x-rays part way down my back and when I was still in such pain I went to my doctor who looked at the film and decided that I needed a couple more . . . . and it was broken. But nothing to be done for it!

About 6 months later, I fell all the way down the stairs. I fractured some finger and sprained my knee and my ankle.

All of that is to say, you have my complete and utmost sympathy!