Friday, March 07, 2008

Homeschooling In The News

The news report that CA has now made homeschooling illegal for parents without a teaching certificate was very disheartening. I have been watching this story unfold and was grieved to hear the outcome come through my email. Regardless of whether you homeschool or not, this ruling should terrify any parent. This decision marks a control the state should not have.

So what can we do about it?
Please sign this petition in support of the families in CA who will be affected by this decision.
To learn more about this by listening to a Focus on the Family broadcast, go to this link.
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Celly B said...

Wow, Marybeth! I had not heard of it and was so sorry to hear of it. I hope that HSLDA is able to decertify the decision and that this is not a trend for the rest of the US.

Patti's Chat said...

Very sad! Some of the sweetest years with our children were the years we homeschooled!

L said...

I'm a reader who lives in CA and we're affected by this situation, of course. We'll be praying and asking you to do the same. That's what we've all been advised to do by HSLDA at this point. We will fight it because what happens here affects all of you, too. This state tends to start trends which are too often NOT desirable. Shame on those judges! I'm happy to hear that the governor is behind us at this point. (God is ultimately in charge of it all, though, of course!) Keep writing and best wishes on showing your home. -Laura

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this earlier in the week. I have signed the petition and have been praying for God's divine intervention. What affects one, affects all. We should stand and support CA homeschoolers.

suzott said...

It is probably better if you let your children go to school. Let them experience life! It is weird to homeschool. You cannot possibly give your child all of the life lessons he/she needs when you isolate them! They learn from the good and the bad things that happen at school. What are you so afraid of?