Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finding The Blessings

It is hard to find the blessings in a broken foot. But I feel that that is exactly what God is challenging me to do. So, Lord willing, each day while I am an invalid I am going to get on this blog and find a way to praise Him. Some days might be harder than others. I know that. Especially the weekdays, as I am trying to parent while being immobile. If any of you are bored and want to come over and hang out with us, I will be able to use an extra pair of hands any time you are willing! (Of course, this does not apply to those of you who don't live in town, unless you are in the mood for a roadtrip.)

And so, here are my blessings for today:

A scrumptious dinner brought over by my dear friend Zoe. Zoe brought enough food for dinner tonight and tomorrow night-- a double blessing! Tonight is beef burgundy over egg noodles, salad, rolls and brownie bites for dessert. Tomorrow night's is chicken divan, rolls, black eyed peas and lima beans.

Emails, comments and calls from people who care.

My friend Paige volunteered to coordinate all our meals as people are volunteering to bring food. That is a load off as I try to keep up with the different groups and individuals who have contacted me to offer help.

Those precious people who have offered to keep kids, make meals and run errands. My friend Zoe even offered to make up my kids Easter baskets, as she guessed correctly that I had probably not started my shopping yet. Zoe, you earn the friend gold star today!

A stack of movies and library books brought to me by my husband, who cared enough to go out in the pouring down rain, missing his ACC basketball game, and get some things to keep me entertained.

The newest TEACH magazine and the NCHE conference bulletin came in the mail so I will have that to go through.

Time to work on my book-- I wrote most all of one chapter today!

Today was an easy day to appreciate. And for any of you who might feel envious of my immobility-- don't. What I wouldn't give right now for the ability to walk around freely, to not need crutches just to go to the bathroom, and to participate in life. I am grateful for what I have been given in the midst of this, but I am also wondering if I can make it through the LONG period of time I have left to get through. Six weeks sounds interminably long. When I really think about it, I get really sad. And so, I combat that by focusing on my blessings. And thanking God for friends and family who are loving me through this.

Please pray for my husband-- I watch him doing all he has to do with me out of commission, and I marvel at his capacity to handle it all. He will need some serious prayer to sustain a good attitude and the energy level he has had to have!
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Joyful said...

Wow Marybeth, you made my day! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Thank you for reaching out and ministering to others even when you're not feeling at your best. Bless you!

Tomorrow I will be reading the last day of your devotional in "For the Write Reason". I just want to say another thank you. Your book has so ministered to my heart. I purchased it back in 2005 while at "She Speaks" and somehow it got put aside. A month ago the Lord brought it to my mind. I pulled it out and it has been an incredible blessing. I wanted to read it in my sitting, but forced myself to use it as intended and give the Lord time to speak to my heart. Daily God has spoken to me. As I was sharing with my husband this morning about the impact of this book and how sad I was that tomorrow I will have finished it, he said, why don't you do it again? You know...I just might do that!

Interested to know what you're writing about now. Who knows...maybe the Lord has great purposes for you to have this 6 weeks of confinement - hopefully providing writing time and other surprise blessings for you.

Thanks again for encouraging me.

Billie said...

Wow...that really stinks to have a broken foot. I wish you the best as you recover.

And yes, as much as I sit here envying your immobility, I know that after 1 day it is not fun. I hope that God uses the time for you with great purpose...or maybe just rest for what He may have planned next.

Jenni said...

Oh Marybeth, I'm so sorry to read this latest development in your busy life! I knew a guy once who broke his foot and then exactly one year later broke it again...he decided that whatever the Lord had tried to teach him the first time around, he hadn't *gotten*, so he was especially careful the second time to really absorb the lesson, LOL!!

I'm praying that you find many hidden blessings in this trying time...and that the Lord larns ya real good so ya don't have to repeat it! (((HUGS)))