Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Apparently Randomness Is All I Am Capable Of

1. Last night I had the chance to meet up with some homeschool moms from Elevation who get together once a month for coffee. Even though Curt was out of town last night, I was able to hire a sitter and go. I looked forward to it all day. Relished it. Savored it. Anticipated it.

Just as we were really getting into a great conversation, my cell phone rang. It was my sitter, calling to let me know that the baby had just thrown up everywhere. Like any concerned, compassionate mother, my first question was, "Where did she throw up?" To which the sitter replied, "Don't worry, it wasn't on your new carpet." Phew! And so, my long awaited evening got tragically shortened to a mere hour. And I got to come home to a stinky, whiny baby as the icing on the cake. Ah, the joys of motherhood. I will admit that, after I got everyone to bed and she and I snuggled on the couch, I really did experience the joy of motherhood.

2. We had our first showing today. Woo hoo! I tried to have a positive attitude even as I negotiated the vomiting two year old, getting the kids ready and out the door to school and cleaning up the house for the showing to boot. I prayed really hard that she would not vomit in the car. Because I have had kids vomit in the car and I really can not stand cleaning that mess up. There is just something about hosing out a carseat that has been drenched by vomit that just makes things seem even worse. And so, I am happy to report there was no vomiting in the car when we went to school or when we had to leave the house for the showing. Hooray! Again, looking for the silver lining here.

3. God can speak to you anytime, anywhere. We all know that. Today He spoke to me through a Franklin episode. I wasn't watching it, mind you. My children were. I was walking through the house putting things away as I heard this line come from the tv set: Some dreams just take longer than others. And I thought about my writing and how long that dream has taken. Do you have a dream that is taking a long time to come true? Don't give up! Some dreams just take longer than others. Let God speak to you as He spoke to me today.

4. Our real estate agent came yesterday with her stager and they rearranged our house quite a bit. It is taking some getting used to. I love what they did, as it makes our house look more like a model home does (if that's at all possible with six kids) but at the same time, it feels less like home. Does that make sense? Again, I am hoping and praying for a quick sale. Oh, and, the dishwasher is fixed. (Pause for a moment while I sing The Hallelujah Chorus.) Oh boy did I miss that dishwasher!

5. Today as we were riding home, my five year old said to me, "Mom, remember when we used to pray?" I didn't know what he meant. But the question hit me smack in the chest. My thoughts raced ahead of me and suddenly it was me, at the end of my life, with my now-grown son asking that question. "Remember when we used to pray?" I want them to hold onto the memory of us praying together. And so, I didn't like how he was putting it in past tense, as though we did once but we don't now.
He explained that, at the beginning of the school year, I used to pray with them as we were driving to school. Sometimes I would have them pray for each other, assigning each one someone to pray for. It was my way of calming any anxiousness on their parts as they adjusted to school. Somehow, as they got adjusted, I stopped that. And his question convicted me that I should persevere.
When we got home, he asked me if we could pray for his baby sister to not be sick. I showed him how we could both place our hands on her and pray for her. So we did. (She thought it was a bit wacky, you could tell.) But you know what? She hasn't thrown up again! I don't believe that God is a genie in a bottle that we can ask for something and He will automatically do it. But I do believe that He listens to our prayers, and He honors those who earnestly and faithfully ask in accordance with His will. And most of all, I think God knew that a certain five year old little boy needed to learn a life lesson about the power of prayer, and going to God with our needs. And so He blessed me abundantly, and reminded me why I am homeschooling this child. Because I would have missed that precious moment and that eternal lesson.
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Billie said...

Thanks for that message regarding prayer...that's a great idea to have your kids pray for each other...mine are so quick to pray for the new toy they want!

Amy Wyatt said...

Oh... I quite frequently learn life lessons from God through Blues Clues, Lilo and Stitch, Little Mermaid, Hannah Montana and the list could go on. Just goes to show that God can teach us through anything if we are listening. Personally, I just need to listen more. I love your Franklin example. I too have had my kids remind me about praying in the car on the way to school on the mornings I forget. Nothing like having your kid call you on the carpet. Hope you get more showings soon and the house sells quickly. Praying for you guys. Hope your little one feels better too.

Lisa said...

Great randomness, MaryBeth!

Lisa :)

Alyce said...

Our children certainly do hold us accountable don't they??
When my daughter started Kindergarten, she is now in 1st grade, we began to pray every morning before school. Now, we incorporate devotions every morning. Some days last year, since it was new to us, I would forget or we'd get in a hurry, and I would remember in class, so we'd find a corner and pray. I think its important to teach them to start their day w/ God and to give our days to God.
Have a great one..

Jenni said...

Love that #5. And I'm SO relieved for you that there was no throwing up in the car!