Saturday, February 16, 2008

What I Will Spend My Saturday Doing

This morning I declared an office day for mom! It is much needed and allowed me some uninterrupted (in theory) time to pare down all those emails I have saved to deal with... later. I went from 71 down to 15! Hooray! I just feel cleaner when I don't have all those emails cluttering my inbox. I also made a new menu plan and a grocery list.

Now that the morning has passed me by, here is what I am going to spend the rest of today doing, Lord willing.

  • Going running
  • Taking a shower
  • Going to the grocery store, the library, the teacher supply store, the video store, the cleaners, and Starbucks-- because after all that running, I will need a pick-me-up!
  • Catching up on Heart Of The Matter-- too many posts I have missed plus their February issue is out and I want to read every article!
  • Making dinner
  • Planning school for next week
  • Writing and sending out a query for an article idea I had yesterday

Some of this may spill over into tomorrow... or Monday since that is technically a holiday. (Though Curt doesn't have off, the kids do.) This is just what I am aiming to do-- it may or may not all get done. And that is okay!

How are you spending this Presidents' Day weekend? Catching up or having fun-- or a little bit of both?

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Carolyn Lecce said...

Although new to the Prov 31 email list, your message taps into my own current journey: not resting during the crisis. As a mother of a live-in prodigal son (age 21) and two other VERY active teen boys (15 and 13), there are times when I need to rest, and can't because I tend to try to carry the burden of my boys in my own strength.

Teaching Kindergarten actually helps! I was teaching this week on Matthew 8, Jesus calming the storm, and in that particular teaching moment, I was struck with the fact that my lack of sleep from praying, was because I had allowed the enemy to let me think that Jesus was sleeping and I was somehow going to bridge the gap myself. What a gift God's word is - in that moment I realized that Jesus' timing for my son Chris, to have "maximum showcase effect", I was / am going to have to experience the storm a bit longer.

I can do this. In knowing that Peter eventually got to a place of being able to rest - it IS in fact possible - and better yet - the greatest part is yet to come: deliverance!

Like Peter being liberated from jail, (which by the way, my class last year made a wonderfully, kindergarten version video about) we too can be set free when we focus on what scripture tells us is true.

My verse for this school year is: Exodus 14:14 "The LORD will fight for you; you need only be still." Resting is being still - resting is having a network of praying women. Blessings to you!

Bonita said...

I am spending my President's Day weekend meeting deadlines that all seem to have hit at once. It's definitely a working weekend for me. I'm just taking a break at the moment to read a few blogs.

Laura said...

I have spent my weekend watching basketball, (we run the league), buying a new washer and dryer, setting it up and doing laundry in record time! We also had to pause and clean the house not to mention taking care of sweet puppies! Oh, and church was in there! Looking forward to Monday and sleeping in! No school!