Saturday, December 01, 2007

Saturday Plans

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

The boxes of decorations are coming down out of the attic today. I am dressed in my sweats and my thick fuzzy socks, armed for battle. To transform this house from humble abode to Christmas cottage is no small feat. It will take all day, and then some.

But in the end, I will look around with a contentment and peace that settles into my heart every year as the tree goes up and the memories and decorations take their standard places. I will be glad I did it, and I will banish the thoughts of having to take it all back down again come January. I will revel in thoughts of baking and celebrating. And I will banish the thoughts that my children are in school for the first time this year and won't be here during the day to bake and plan and share in the Christmas preparations. I am struggling with this mightily. I was rocking right along with them being in school-- and now this. Plain and simple: I miss having them home this time of year. The way the school calendar is, they won't have their first day of vacation until Christmas Eve.

I am not kidding.

But I am not going to think about any of that today. Today I am focused on one thing: Operation Decorate The House.

I hope to post photos once I get it all finished! Our home isn't lavish by any means, but I think it looks especially beautiful at Christmas, in a cozy Christmas cottage sort of way. I am sure most everyone thinks the same about their own home. Or else, why would we bother?

P.S. My kids have been having a blast decorating a home of their own online today. Go here to let your kids play! HT to Jenn at As Cozy As Spring.
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Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Cleo thanks you for the gingerbread house link.

Happy decorating! Our stuff is in storage so all we have this year is our tree. I really, really miss my nativity scenes & my advent wreath. I keep telling myself it is just one year, and lots of people have nothing....but it isn't helping much.

Pepper said...

I am in the same process today, Sweats and all!! lol, Happy Decorating.

Rachel Olsen said...

Hey girl - today was my decorating day too. But I didn't get dressed into sweats...I stayed in my silky pajamas decorating until afternoon! Now I'm all showered and cyber-visiting you by the tree light feeling quite satisfied.

Hugs! ~ Rachel