Sunday, December 30, 2007

The One With The Japanese Steakhouse

You know how on "Friends," they name all the episodes "The One With..." which is just genius, because that is what we all say anyway.
"You know, the one with the wedding dresses."
"You know, the one where Rachel and Ross kiss in the doorway." (I am quite sure that is not the name of that particular episode, but it is my personal fave, so I had to throw that in there.)
And yes, I did love me some Friends, back in the day. I know it is sinful and awful and I shouldn't like it. So, you don't need to write me and let me know that. I am already dealing with my own sinfulness.

Anyway. "Friends" and my former addiction is so totally not why I wrote this particular post. I wrote this post because today we totally skipped church. (Again with the sinfulness issues.) But we got a gift certificate from my in-laws for our most favorite dining experience-- the Japanese steakhouse. The problem is, a long time ago when we had less kids and, apparently, less sense, we took our children there. And now it is their favorite dining experience as well. We should have never let them in on this particular part of life. But the damage has already been done.

So when we got the gift certificate, we decided to be really good parents and surprise the kids with a trip to the beloved restaurant. We decided it had to be lunch because there is no way we could afford dinner-- even with a gift certificate. But there was a slight scheduling problem and the only way we could go with everyone before school started back was to go today.

And so, off we went, and it was a fine time. Everyone from teenagers to toddlers was in a festive family mood and on their best behavior. We had a great time and everyone cleaned their plate, or at least made a really good attempt at doing so. I have decided the solution to all my cooking-for-nothing woes is to learn to cook Japanese food. In front of them. And give them a choice of steak, chicken or shrimp. And load them up with carbs and not offer too many of those pesky vegetables.

And then the bill came. But no problem because our portion would not be that much, right? I noticed Curt shuffling through his wallet repeatedly, feeling his pockets, looking perplexed. Then he quipped, "Well, looks like we get to come here again! I think next time we should come alone!" He smiled like it is not really that much of a budget buster to have to pay for our fancy-schmancy lunch with our debit card. All $109 of it. Apparently, as we were leaving and I hollered out, "You have our gift certificate, right?" And he said yes, he did that was not really true. The truth was, it was in his car. Or his notebook. He doesn't really know. But he is sure he can find it.

I hope so. And I hope the children enjoyed their lunch, seeing as how it sucked up our grocery bill for about half a week. Do you think they will stay full until then? The Japanese Steakhouse is pretty filling, you know.
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Anonymous said...

Oh my word. This sounds exactly like something we would do. Actually, we HAVE almost done this, but luckily we realized that we didn't have the gift card before we actually got in the door of the restaurant and were able to run back home and get it. I hope you are able to get creative with the grocery budget! And at least now you get to go again, right? :o)

Shari Braendel said...

Another OH MY LAND moment! I just read your blog to Dave...I was feeling pretty good about bow-ing (not bow like a ribbon but bow like what a dog does) out on you for church today cause I thought, "oh how nice, if we had met them for church they wouldn't have gotten to get to go eat..ahhhh" Yet NOW I am feeling REALLY bad about it! Hey, you wanna come to my house for dinner one night? Oh, that's right, I DON'T COOK! love ya, Shari

Jen said...

Oh nooooooooo. That sorry. Really and you missed church too....that's why you didnt have missed I'm kidding......still it stinks.

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Oh dear--- Tell Curt that from one who has been searching for something all weekend to no avail, I feel his pain!
Miss you- hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that! But like your hubby get to go back...alone!

Unknown said...

Perhaps we should meet at the Japanese Steakhouse...not to use your gift card but b/c thats my favorite place as well. And I would have to agree with someone else's comments...maybe God was spanking you for skipping church. But, on the bright side, you and Curt do get to go back A-L-O-N-E!!!

Valarie said...

Hey Marybeth! So glad I popped by! I'll certainly be back.

I hate it when that happens girl and I have to confess that I loved me some Friends too!! In fact, fell off the wagon last night with a repeat, you know the one with...hahaha!!

BTW, I know Shari isn't bustin' on you for the "OH MY LAND" comment, is she? hahahaha

Moms In Need Of Mercy said...
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Moms In Need Of Mercy said...

About an earlier comment--does anyone actually believe God would punish someone for not going to church?? The Gospel teaches that we are under grace now, not under the law-which Christ set us free from. Attending church is a privilege we get to experience, not a burdensome command we must follow. If we're looking at it that way, I think we've lost sight of the freedom we have in Christ and are following a religious system of rules.

Marybeth Whalen said...

I don't think anyone was implying that... I think people are thinking that I should have gone to church and avoided the whole thing. I think Rona and others were just joking... Believe me, I did tell God a little "I'm sorry" for choosing Japanese food over worship... but I always go back to He knows our hearts-- and He knows our lives. He knew that with our daughter's schedule and my husband's work schedule, it was just not possible to squeeze in this lunch any other time. Believe me, I stand under the grace umbrella!! I have to!!