Thursday, November 01, 2007

For All You Writer Types

I know quite a few of you who read this blog are writers (or closet writers who may not have admitted it to anyone-- even yourself!) So, I wanted to share with you this excellent list of tips written by Mary DeMuth in her recent newsletter. I love Mary's writing, and her heart to help other writers. These tips are golden.

This writing thing is a marathon, folks. Or maybe better put: an ironman triathlon. I started writing in 1992. I had no instant success. I wrote in obscurity for ten years. I believe I am published today because I:
* Created imaginary deadlines for myself and met them early. Every time.
* Wrote every day, even when I knew it wouldn't be published.
* Developed my writing voice, which took years and years and miles and miles of written words.
* Listened to critique (though I admit, it stung at first) and then implemented what I learned.
* Learned to critique others (You'll be surprised how well you'll learn writing when you're critiquing others).
* Read writing books and magazines.
* Read great books and took notes.
* Took lots of risks, sent out queries aplenty-the majority of them rejected.

If you're serious, do these things first. Then venture out into the paid critique area. And please, don't despise humble beginnings. Remember the biggies of the Bible. So many heard from God, yes, but waiting for Him to fulfill that promise often took a lifetime. In our fast-paced, I-want-it-now society, I fear we are guilty of obstinate impatience, demanding God to give us our dreams without being willing to walk through deserts to realize those dreams. Writing is not easy. There's a mountain of work involved, often un-applauded. Most of what is done is hidden. But none of that obscurity is wasted. It's fodder for God to use as He builds us as writers.

Mary has written a new ebook all about how to write proposals. If you are thinking of writing a book, you will first need to propose it to a publisher. And Mary is a master at doing just that. When I read who her endorsers were, and what they said, I knew I had to have this book! If you only buy one book on writing proposals, this should be the one. So, please go to this link to get your copy of Nonfiction Book Proposals. The best part is, it's an ebook, so you will have it immediately for the bargain price of just $10! Yay!

Happy writing! Ü
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Christine said...

I think I'm one of those closet writers. I am still writing in my journal and maybe in another life (another season?) I'll actually write something.

Dana said...

Thank you for the link. I'll have to get it. I'm Ok with being a closet writer for now, its the speaking thing I am scared to death of!! :)