Friday, November 02, 2007

Bird Boogie

I just wasted one minute and seventeen seconds of my life watching a bird dance to a Backstreet Boys song. The things you can get sucked into via the internet! And now, because I know you will be too curious to resist, I will provide the link so that you, too, can waste one minute and seventeen seconds of your life.

But here is the question, what else could I have done in one minute and seventeen seconds? I could have:
prayed for someone
heated up water for a delicious cup of tea
jotted down an idea for an article or story
tidied up some (small) area of my house
read a verse
hugged one of my children and said, "I love you and I am blessed to have you in my life."

Instead, I watched a bird boogie. So, what say you? What can you think of that would be a better use of a minute and seventeen seconds? Or is it just that sometimes, watching something mindless and stupid is exactly what you need to spend a few minutes doing? Deep thoughts for a Friday afternoon!
I must say, that bird did make me laugh!
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gwensmithsblog said...


I laughed at the bird too!! He gives new meaning to the phrase "shake your tail feathers!" :) And while spending a minute and seventeen seconds may seem like a carnal indulgence to some, I believe that the intrinsic benefits of laughter are, more often than not, worth the viewing time. Let's face it. It is all too easy to let 24 hours slip by without so much as a giggle.

Let them laugh, I say! Let them laugh!!!

Your Bird-watching friend,

Joanie Butler said...

Okay, so either I have a pitiful life, or I really needed the laugh, as I watched it through once, then backed it up and watched the last half of it again! It is funny!