Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Shameless Plug

(Please take this post in the lighthearted way I meant it... I am hopped up on painkillers and feeling the slightest bit glib.)

I know how many of you read this blog, as I have one of those handy invisible counters installed. And I know how many books I have sold.

And the two do not add up.

And this is problematic because my husband is watching this little experiment of mine play out and I desperately would like to impress him with my ability to provide for my family while being a stay at home mom. Sing the song with me please, "I can bring home the bacon, dum de dum, Fry it up in a pan, dum de dum... Cause I'm a woman, W-O-M-A-N." So, please don't let me down, for the sake of womankind.

And because the book really will bless and inspire you. I just know it. And don't let the fact that it's an ebook throw you off either. I am realizing that might be confusing if you have never encountered that term before. All that means is that you order it and then it shows up as a pdf file in your email box. Voila! You don't even have to wait on it to ship! You can either print it out and read it, or just read it on your computer screen.

And so, just in case you think I am tooting my own horn and extolling the benefits of my ebook, I thought I would post links to other blogs that have reviewed it. And, I will note, I did not in any way compensate these ladies... I simply sent them a review copy and asked them to review it if they felt like it was worthy.

So, as LeVar Burton says, "Don't take my word for it."

Take Cay's:

Take Lysa's:

Take Kelli's:

Take Lindsey's:

Take Bonita's:

Take Andrea's:

Take Valerie's:

If you have posted a review and I didn't post it here, email me and let me know. I would love to hear from you and provide the link to your review as well.

And again, to all of you who have bought the book, I thank you and appreciate your support.
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Jammy said...

Hi there.
I really want your book, but the $10 is more than I normally pay for ebooks. Perhaps it could be more than just me? It would help if the number of pages were listed, and perhaps a sample page on your blog to give a taste of what to expect? Not knowing the amount of pages is one thing that would keep me from purchasing. Hope this helps! I LOVE your blog by the way, and I will be back, and probablly buy the book once I have more info....LOL


Marybeth said...

Hi Jenn-- thanks for the info-- that helps! First of all, as for the price, I have normally paid anywhere from 15 to 25 dollars for ebooks... so I tried to undercut that amount.
Plus, the book is literally packed with info-- 73 single spaced pages with only a bit of clip art to break up all the black and white. I tried to price it fair.
I hope that explains it some. We did post a few excerpts right when it came out-- the intro, and a few samples.
I have posted the links below-- I hope this helps!

Jammy said...

Thanks so much, Marybeth, that definitely helps, I will check out your links. :-)


Carol said...

I bought your ebook and even though I haven't finished reading it yet, I have read enough to say that I am glad I purchased it. I am always looking for new ideas, recipes and ways to make Christmas more special and Christ centered. So far, I have not been disappointed and neither will anyone else who purchases this book! PS I hope your toe feels better soon (ouch!).

Jammy said...

I am adding a snippet at the end of my blog post for tomorrow morning with some info on your book. That's how much I liked it. ;-)