Sunday, October 28, 2007

We Interrupt This Blog...

For some most un-Christian thoughts.

On Friday night, my husband's car was robbed by a group of teenagers who went on a vandalization and stealing spree all through our neighborhood. They smashed pumpkins, tore down hanging baskets and smashed them in the street, slashed tires, and even stole the tires off one guy's car! They stole my husband's Ipod and his Blackberry. Because they were in his car, we can claim them on homeowner's-- but combined they were worth $500 and guess what our deductible is? You guessed it!

As I was running on Saturday morning, I found his Blackberry. From the looks of it, they had smashed it, run over it, and just destroyed it because it was of no use to them, then thrown it out on the side of the road. I held that Blackberry in my hand and wanted to cry. But I was too angry to cry. I ran home holding that mangled Blackberry the whole way, feeling the sharp point of broken metal pressing into my palm.

So, now because of some stupid (yes, I said stupid), bored, angry young punks, we have to come up with $500 we didn't have to replace something that we owned. And yes, he shouldn't have left valuables in his car-- but we live in a safe, quiet, peaceful neighborhood where these things (usually) don't happen. And so, we had a low degree of fear or caution where I guess we should have. And so, I am angry and definitely not filled with Christian love for these kids. Perhaps I will feel more inclined that way in a few days. I know that God has a lesson in here for me somewhere, but I am not wanting to learn it right now. I am choosing instead to feel the anger, to hold onto it and stroke it lovingly.

Contrary to my sin-filled, graceless response, my husband wrote a beautiful, eloquent post about how he has been able to pray for whoever these kids were. Not me. I would like to string them up by their hee-hees. And yes, I did say that here on the old blog.

Edited to add: Anonymous commenter gently reminded me that the items we lost were luxury items-- and I guess at face value that appears to be true. However, my husband uses the Blackberry for work, as he is in sales and that piece of equipment serves as his lifeline to the office when he is away. It will have to be replaced because of that, but his company will not pay for the replacement. And yes, the Ipod is a luxury. But he waited for two years to make that purchase-- because we can't afford luxuries seeing as how we have six kids who like to eat regularly. He put Christmas and birthday money together from various people so he could buy an Ipod-- and I so respect him for always putting his family's needs ahead of his own and foregoing his own desires. It speaks volumes about his character to me. So, I want him to have an Ipod, as he works hard for our family and he "deserves" (though I hate that word) an Ipod. To be able to purchase another one is not something we can just run out and do. We are not people who indulge in luxuries very often. So when what little we have is taken from us, it just feels like a huge injustice. And that is why I am good and angry. You all should pray for me.
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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry those juvenile deliquents stole your husband's luxuries. It's not right.

picketfencemom said...

Oh no! That is terrible, and I'm so sorry to hear that it happened. We, too, live in a very safe neighborhood...but out in the country. But several years ago, we had a string of thefts up and down our road. It was a little unsettling, and I was glad when it finally ended. I'm like you, though. I get plain 'ole MAD about stuff like that!! I can understand!!! I have been SO busy lately with a lot going on around here, so I have some catch-up reading to do! Sounds as though you are all in the same boat!
Take care and again, I'm sorry about the theft!!!

Jess said...

oh! i am so sorry. you must feel so violated. i am praying that God will restore this stuff to you quickly, that Curt will have another ipod soon. love, jess

a moment of time said...

Ouch! That is a hard one. Violated comes to mind, as my parents had someone in thier home take valuables quite a few years ago. Those young gentleman do not belong in your husbands car. It is a loss,not to mention a loss of security, and you will need to go through those emotions. Jesus got angry. You will move on, when you are ready!

Blessings to you
Shannon in MN

gina w. said...

I know a blackberry is just a thing, but when it has all your work information in it, it's a big loss! I am so sorry! I would be feeling the same way, if I were you!!!

Sisterlisa said...

I understand completely. My husband has a palm pilot phone and EVERYTHING is on it.However, God knew this was going to happen to you. I had my car broken into as well. Just a couple of months ago.

Your husband's post was right on target. God used this situation in your lives. I can see clearly how the Holy Spirit spoke to your husband though it. How is He speaking to you through it?

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Don't be too hard on yourself for being angry about this injustice. It's something we see in the one person who was called a man after God's own heart. He was very angry in some of those psalms (the imprecatory kind), saying things we would be afraid to voice (like to just kill his enemies). God can handle our raw emotions. And hopefully, He can help tame them in time too. Praying for justice to be served for you.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Luxury items or not, they were YOUR things. Your privacy was violated and you were stolen from. I don't care if it was a crumb of food or a first class ticket to Europe, it is still STEALING.

My car was broken into about 4 weeks ago in Rowan County, not far from you. The thief took off with my purse and ruined my door lock in the process. It is going to cost over $500 to fix it, so I can so feel your pain.

I'm sorry :(

Amber said...

I'm so sorry!

Yes the Lord allowed it to happen to your family, but there is no justification for their wrong doing. I hope they are caught and punished!

May the Lord bless and protect your family.

God Bless,

Amy said...

I am so sorry. I think you have every right to want to string them up by their hee-hees. It is sad when being a thief is a Friday night event with your buddies! The whole work/baclberry thing would push me over the edge!

love ya!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry that happened to you. Very frustrating. Something similar happened to my BIL last week. Thugs stole out of his car: his iPod, the change from his ashtray, and about a dozen Christian topical Bible study tapes. Hopeully they'll listen to the tapes. BIL lives at the end of a long & windy cul-de-sac so the worst part is, neighbors are the likely culprits.

PP mentioned the feeling of being violated; it rings true. I'm sorry for the frustration.

Anonymous said...

I was just surfing through the blogosphere and happened upon your site. I enjoyed your blog and I am sorry you are having to go through this trial. I pray that you will gain strength and wisdom and draw closer to the Lord through this.

stop by my blog for a visit some time. Blessings!

Sonya said...

This kind of thing makes me really angry. I hate this sense of entitlement that most kids have. I am sorry y'all had to suffer for it and I hope that you will be able to easily replace these items. I pray God will make an easy way for this to happen.