Friday, October 19, 2007

Just Checking In

I am in a blah mood. We have not had rain around here for months-- so I was so happy to wake up this morning to the sound of rain, wonderful rain. But I guess I am just not used to overcast days, because it seems that the gloomy skies have caused my system to go into shock. This has caused an extreme case of the blahs. I am just not motivated to do much. And so today, I have taken it easy. While I have done a few household chores and had several phone conversations, I have not done much else-- although I did log in about an hour of quiet while my daughter napped to write in peace. Ah.

This afternoon I realized that I am not motivated to cook either. So when my daughter said, "Mom, you know what I am in the mood for? I am in the mood to eat some pizza!" I pounced on the idea and called my husband at work-- blaming her of course, and not my lack of motivation. He was a good sport and agreed to pick up pizzas on his way home. I still feel guilty when I don't cook dinner, though. Why is it that some women feel totally comfortable just announcing, "I don't cook?" I have met women who have told me this before and I simply don't understand how they get away with it. My husband would seriously take issue with me not cooking. I do enjoy cooking usually-- just not today.

Well, that's about all on my end. I am counting the hours until the kids are tucked away in bed and I can snuggle up with a book I am totally and completely enjoying-- Debbie Macomber's book "Knit Together: Discover God's Pattern For Your Life." I had read her book "The Shop on Blossom Street" and enjoyed it-- but I am enjoying this book so much more, as it is the story of how she got published and the many obstacles she overcame to see her dream of being a writer come true. She is, incidentally, going to be the keynote speaker at Mt. Hermon (the writer's conference I just won a trip to). I had already put her book on hold at the library before I knew that. Ah, serendipity! Now, I can't wait to meet her-- and I will try hard not to stalk her while I am at the writer's conference!
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Joy@Joy in the Journey said...

Well, I appreciate you being honest and telling us that you are in a blah mood! I, too, find myself there from time to time! For me, the best days are the rainy ones...being a native Oregonian, the rain is like...home. :)

Beth said...

I was hoping for the sound of rain! But, we only got a few drops :-(

Remember the "woo hoo knitting!" from your She Speaks class? Me again. I also read "The Shop on Blossom Street," and am currently reading "Knit Together."

Isn't she great?!

Billie said...

I love it! I was in that blah mood too! I do feel soooo guilty when I order out just because I don't feel like cooking. And I also have major guiltism for just chatting on the phone or taking the time to read a book during the day. Those days do not come often, but it is encouraging to know that other moms out there enjoy the same indulgences from time to time!

Lauren at Faith Fuel! said...

I thought her book was such a gift to those of us who want to know what goes on inside a writer's head and heart as she waits to get published- and sometimes wants to give up. Even though I don't particularly like her works of fiction, I can applaud her efforts to pursue and prevail in the writing/publishing arena. That's what For the Write Reason also did for me- gave me glimpses into the many ways God works to help us answer the call to speak out, speak up, write it out-for His Name sake.