Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Excellent Advice for Teens

This was submitted by Rachel, a college student in New Zealand who reads my blog. She and I email back and forth from time to time and I asked her to submit some thoughts on being a godly teenager-- since she was just there! Here is what she said-- some excellent advice!

I think a big thing for me has been learning not to compromise myself for others (morals and values etc), but to trust in God to bring about the right people at the right time. It isn't an easy world to live in these days. There are constant pressures from friends and those around you, that most of the time challenge your beliefs and values. Rather than submitting to the pressure from secular society, hold fast to the Word of God, the Bible, the word He has placed in you, and the word He passes down through those who really know you and what you believe in. I wish I had learned this earlier. I got hurt many many times because I didn't know what it was to value myself and the image I was made in.

Thanks Rachel for this great advice! May God bless you as you strive to be a godly college student. I know that isn't any easier than being a godly teen!
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