Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Elevation Church in The News

My church was recently named the third fastest growing church in the US. There are many reasons why I think this has happened. Great teaching, committed leadership, pushing the envelope and shaking things up-- but mostly listening to God and taking steps of Biblical proportion. (Click on the video in the right corner to watch our last Sunday's sermon. It is worth watching, believe me.) I marvel at the growth that has taken place in the year we have been there. For those visionaries who were there when their numbers were in the teens, well, I can't imagine how they are feeling to be a part of something like this!

Why do these numbers matter? Because the numbers of folks coming in the door at Elevation reflect more than graphs and statistics, they reflect PEOPLE. Changed lives. I have witnessed these changes firsthand. It is real and not just a lot of talk. I met a woman in FL who figured out that I go to Elevation from something I said when I spoke and came up to me afterwards. She said that she wanted me to know that there were several families in her area who are feeling called to move to Charlotte to be a part of what God is doing at Elevation! I was so amazed I had her write up what she told me so I could send it to Pastor Steven. This church is reaching folks even beyond the borders of our city. And so, the numbers are key because they simply reflect the heart of this radical young church. I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Looking for an awesome place to worship, be challenged in your walk, and hear from God? Try it! (Don't try it if you don't like change, don't want to be challenged or stretched and want to keep feeling comfortable in your faith!)
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