Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cover Girl

My cover is out for the P31 Woman magazine. I will not lie and say that it wasn't pretty fun to receive my issue in the mail and see my family smiling back at me from the cover. Very cool. Of course, I thought I looked fat. But what can you do?

The article they ran is one I wrote when I was writing for Faith Lifts. It is one of my personal favorites I have ever written, and I am glad that our editor Glynnis agreed to run it. (She was a bit hesitant as they really try not to run too many motherhood articles, as the magazine is intended for all women, not just moms.)

The funny thing is, I got the magazine and read the cover title, which read, "Embracing Motherhood With Marybeth Whalen." Ironically enough, just that morning I was loudly proclaiming that I felt I needed to officially resign as mother of the Whalen clan. I felt very unappreciated and disrespected for various reasons that are too numerous and insignificant to go into here. To put it simply, I certainly was NOT embracing motherhood in any way, shape or form.

And so, I just had to shake my head when I saw that title.

If you want to read the article, go to this link. While you are at it, why not subscribe? Ü
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1 comment:

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

Tomorrow morning when I trip over shoes scattered across the mudroom, I will think of Cheerios in your shoes... and remember.

I'll smile, give thanks, and rejoice. I get to be here, serving these children----serving Jesus.

God is uses your 'pen.'

Thank you....
All's grace,