Sunday, October 07, 2007

Breath Of Heaven

I spent yesterday at the Breath of Heaven conference at Hickory Grove Baptist church in Charlotte. It was a great time, and a great conference. Usually when I am working at a conference, there is no time for the workers to enjoy the speakers, as typically there are women shopping/milling around the book tables. But at this conference they closed and locked the rooms so we were free to go in and hear the speakers. I got to hear Elizabeth Luter, a pastor's wife and survivor of Hurricane Katrina, Jennifer Rothschild, author of many books and Women of Faith speaker, and my friend Lysa TerKeurst. These ladies really ministered to us, and God worked it out so well to weave their messages together in a way that only He could. I left feeling lighter, wiser and more at peace than when I came. I know that is what the conference coordinators would want to hear.

I had several moments of joy sprinkled throughout my day. One was seeing my former best friend from the fifth grade! She and her mom were there, and stopped by the P31 table to say hi. I also saw my old friend and fellow blogger, Rona. I got to model in a fake fashion show for my friend Shari Braendel. She did a funny intro fashion show to show that your clothes speak for you-- whether you want them to or not. She outfitted several ladies in outfits that you might see roaming around in the world. It was too funny, and definitely one of those "had to be there" moments! What did I wear? I had on a camo jacket and hat, with jeans and a Christian tee shirt to complete the look. I was a "soldier for the Lord." The point? Many Christians think they are doing God a service by wearing Christian tee shirts and the like, yet they look and act so unapproachable, they really turn unbelievers off without ever knowing it!

I also made a new friend, I think. I so enjoyed meeting and spending some time with Lisa Whittle. She is a fellow writer and we had a blast talking shop. After the conference, I had a chance to go out to dinner with her and really see her heart reflected in her words and her passion for the Lord. Her new book looks great-- perhaps I will interview her here on the ole blog soon! In the meantime, you can check her out at

Well, it's my turn to hop in the shower and get ready for church. I hope that wherever you are this Sabbath day, you are honoring the Lord and observing a day set aside to remember His goodness and His many blessings. My biggest blessing thus far today? A treat from my husband, who snuck out to Krispy Kreme this morning and brought me back a favorite fall treat-- pumpkin spice donuts!
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amy said...

Kripsy of life's siple pleasures! How sweet of your hubby!!!

Lisa said... made a new friend. And so did I! It was pure joy meeting you yesterday, and I felt a kindred spirit with you immediately. That was a neat and unexpected gift from God for me at the conference. I have a feeling we will have many more conversations in the future. I would love to talk shop with you anytime!

Thanks for sharing my website with your readers. I'm honored to be "recommended" by you! :)
Lisa said...

Great point- what you wear/how you look can make a difference in how approachable you are and whether someone in the world will be willing to hear what you have to say about the Lord.

The Gibson Family said...

Hey Marybeth! I still enjoy looking at and reading your blog! How you and your family are doing well! Doesn't Rona look great? I got to see her a couple of weeks ago as well!