Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our Indian Field Trip

Our day with the Catawba Indians-- in pictures:

lunch outside

everyone dancing together-- symbolic of how we pass in and out of each other's lives

the hoop dance-- an amazing thing to witness

the hunting dance-- one of the neatest parts of the dance is when the hunter thanks the Creator for the ability to hunt-- whether he caught anything that day or not... a good reminder!

Our hosts, the Indians, gather for a photo

The "fancy" dance-- a dance young girls used to do to catch the eye of potential suitors. If he liked her dance, he had to respond by picking a reed, carving a flute, and composing a song for her. Then he hid in the bushes as she worked and serenaded her. Ah, true courtship!

You can see the pow wow in the corner-- they beat the drums and sang-- loudly.

A 94 year old demonstrates making a jug from the clay they have harvested from the river for hundreds of years. This is a dying art in their heritage and she is one of the few survivors who knows how to do this.
Everyone watching the demonstration

And this is where the baby spent most of the tour-- outside on the playground! Thanks Harrella for watching the little ones so I could take pictures!

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