Monday, September 10, 2007

Encouraging Words For Writers

I got this today from my friend Bonita-- as a blogger, this installment of her weekly encouragement for writers really blessed me to read. I thought you might enjoy reading her words today as well. Information is below as to how you can subscribe to receive this free weekly note of encouragement!

Love Letters
By Bonita Lillie
Copyright 2007
(Encouraging Words for Writers #29)
Dedicated to the memory of Melissa Gray- loving wife, devoted mother, faithful servant of the Lord.

When Missy typed the words of her online blog on that fateful afternoon in March she couldn’t have known they would be the last words she would ever write. The day started like any other. Missy, very pregnant with her fifth child, was tired, but still tending to her growing family. She was scheduled for a routine doctor’s appointment to check the status of the baby. The appointment turned out to be anything but routine and she ended up in the maternity ward at the hospital. From there she was shuttled to the operating room for a C-section. She delivered a healthy baby girl and all was well…until she developed an amniotic embolism. At that very moment Jesus reached out his hand and Missy took it and together they walked into eternity. For a moment the world paused in disbelief.

I didn’t know Missy Gray, at least not while she was alive. But I know her now. For Missy left a written legacy. She blogged, keeping an online journal of the day to day aspects of homeschooling and raising a family. She contributed wisdom and insight to various message boards online. And she offered encouragement through her email loop. In every way that she could, Missy used the written word to reach out and touch people she would never meet. And in the process, she left a part of herself for her family, her friends, and for the precious newborn daughter who would never have the pleasure of knowing Missy face to face. Missy is gone, but her words live on.

Let’s remember Melissa Gray and follow her example. Maybe you’ve never written a thing in your life, but that doesn’t matter. Expressions of the heart don’t require perfect grammar and composition. The only prerequisite is love. Ask yourself a question, “Who can I love today with my words?” Then write something, anything, for that person. Don’t wait until tomorrow because sometimes tomorrow never comes. TODAY write something for a loved one, words that can be treasured and remembered long after you are gone.

One day when you meet Missy in heaven I believe she’ll thank you for carrying on her legacy, but for today I bet she’s smiling.

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