Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eat, Crop, Laugh

When my friend's daughter called to check on us this weekend, she asked, "What did y'all do all weekend?" My friend replied, "Eat, crop, laugh, repeat."

I am happy to report that not only did we use ALLLLL our words this weekend-- discussing everything from the upcoming elections to husbands to bad pet stories-- we also exhausted more laughter than I thought humanly possible! We told funny stories, we had funny things happen, and we just found the humor in everything. Most things were probably not even funny-- but something about being miles away from everything that pulls at you just tends to lighten a person up.

And so, I have to say that all in all, the weekend was a rousing success. We hardly left the house we stayed in or saw the light of day as we worked tirelessly on our albums. I returned home feeling like catching up on my albums is at least within my grasp, albeit still a good ways away. I did catch my two year old up to current, and boy did that feel good. Curt enjoyed looking through the album when we returned, and I enjoyed showing off my hard work. Scrapbooks, we agreed this weekend, are a labor of love-- as well as tangible proof that we were good moms and not always raving lunatics!!

Yesterday and today have been spent running from one task to the next in an effort to take care of my usual tasks for the week, plus get my P31 devotions written that were due on Monday, and catch up on the work that went undone in my absence. Curt is great-- and a great man for staying with the kids so I can go off and do what I did-- but his attention to the details of the house are not the same as mine. And so, I have been mired down in said details since I returned Sunday night.

Was it worth it? You betcha!

Thanks again to Uncle Bob, who reads this blog, for letting us use your beach house. Although I was the only one who even ventured out to see the beach-- and that wasn't til Sunday!
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