Tuesday, August 07, 2007


My friend Kelly wrote a post about her return from vacation entitled appropriately, "Re-Entry." That cracked me up, as I have called returning from vacation that for years! Today was our re-entry day, as I did my level best to re-enter normal life. This included:
  • Making a menu plan and buying alllll the groceries for said menu.
  • Refereeing fights and disciplining children who are also going through re-entry (read: crazy and out-of-control actions, coupled with incessant talking... did I say incessant?)
  • Answering no less than one thousand questions or requests, all of which begin with that ever popular word: "Mo-om!"
  • Tidying the house.
  • Unpacking the rest of the bags.
  • Going through emails and answering the most urgent ones.
  • Doing laundry-- and urging my son, who does his own, to move it along so that my dryer would once again be available. This sounds simple, but it can take hours.
  • Talking with my mom about arrangements for my grandmother, including my son's clothing needs as he is going to be a pallbearer. (Did I mention that it is over 100 degrees here? Dress clothes and extreme heat means we are having to be creative with this.)
  • Ordering curriculum so it will arrive in time for us to start school.
  • Picking up a few books that came in at the homeschool store and placing an order there.
  • Returning movies and library books.
  • Delivering a book to a friend.

After all of that, I decided not to tackle the meal I had planned. I quickly checked with hubby to make sure that he was cool with just meeting at Chick Fil A for dinner. Perhaps it was the tone of my voice, but bless his heart he didn't argue, nor did he remind me that I ordered pizza last night. He also didn't point out that we only have $20 left in the restaurant budget category. He put on his best happy smile and met us. Then he took me out for a Starbucks blended creme strawberry drink as an even more special treat! Of course, I had to share it with the two year old-- let me tell you, that girl can suck down a strawberry drink-- all while wearing pink shades we bought her at the beach and looking quite adorable, I will add.

And so, that was my day. Tomorrow I plan to tackle the school area, and begin to arrange the new books we will be using, as well as make a list of supplies we need. My kids love to go "back to school" shopping even if back to school for them means shuffling downstairs in their pj's! (And yes, I do let them do school in their pj's if we don't have to be anywhere. It's the beauty of homeschooling in my opinion!)

Lord willing, I will be posting tomorrow with a list of what we are using for this coming year, now that I have FINALLY finalized it! I will also post my menu for those few folks who like that sort of thing. Ok, that one person who does. The rest of you can skip it. I also hope to post some more beach pictures (I posted my favorite one as a Wordless Wednesday post) and write at least one entry about my trip. Think I can do it?? We shall see!

For now, I am going to bed and read a mindless fiction novel before I pass out from a very full day.

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Lori @ The Simple Life at Home said...

Well, first of all, the beach pictures are lovely, especially the one for Wordless Wednesday. I know what you mean about re-entry - it's pretty tiring and then you need another vacation! I just ordered all my curriculum yesterday. Oh happy day!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be doing this year.