Monday, August 13, 2007

Random Photos For A Monday Morning

It doesn't matter how many times you tell them not to play in the dryer...

Me and Lindsey-- one of my blogging buddies... she drove down and spent the day with us just before our beach trip. We had a great time, but I am just now getting around to posting this photo. Please pray for Lindsey right now, as she is in that stressful place of closing on the sale of her home and moving-- most of us have been there and some of us (me) hope to be there again soon-- without the stress, of course!

My daughter being a total goof-- Shari, notice what shirt she is wearing! And she did buy some Crocs-- pink ones!

I found a candle arrangement like this at a beach store, and they wanted $40 for it. I determined I could do it myself for a fraction of the price. So while we were at the beach, I collected shells, came home and used this silver bowl I already had, and placed a candle in it I had recently bought at Pier One just because I loved the smell. The candle is called, appropriately, "Oceans." I love the way it turned out and it didn't cost me $40!

Big brother "helping" little brother with his Gameboy
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Shari said... are a true baby doll! Adorable as always, especially in that Modest is Hottest t-shirt! But, my precious little one...did you have to go and buy CROCS? I'll bet you that mom of yours talked you right into it, didn't she?! love ya sweetie! And you, too, my friend, MB....I MISS YOU! love, Shari

Diann said...

Your daughter is just precious in that cute T! I would love to know where to find some of those T's for the sweet girls in our church--they would love them. I also love your candle idea--I'm all for finding something and making it at a fraction of the price!

summershine said...

This is such a beautiful looking blog.
I found you through the Homeschooling Open House.
I am just starting homeschool this year with my two oldest, a kindergartner and preschooler so I'm sure I'll be reading about your many great ideas!