Thursday, August 30, 2007

Go Watch

I got sent this link today and I have to admit that I was a bit skeptic as I began to watch it. Ho- hum, another cute forward and all that.

Just watch it, and stick with it til the end.

Parts of this mirrors my own story-- and yours, too I suspect. And Jess, I thought of you and what we talked about today. About stability and freedom, and I guess we were describing finding what she found in the end.

Thank You Jesus for fighting for us-- even when we don't see the battles that rage around us. He took my place. He took yours too. I want to live life aware of that.
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Rona said...

The Battle is the Lords but we must want it. That was WoNdErFuL!!

myjcrew said...

marybeth ~ thank you so much for encouraging me to watch that. i did watch it right after we spoke. it has changed my perspective on today and put the focus onto what is most important! love you! ~dawn

Leigh Gray said...

hey girl - i have not checked in in a while...........sorry, no excuse... but have you sold your house?

Hope things are going well with you. I hope to check in more often..

love, Leigh

Kitsel said...

Wow. That was so powerful. Thanks for sharing the link.
:) Kit

"We Grow" Women's Ministries said...

WOW! So very powerful! Thanks for sharing!