Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Big Stuff

I have become a big fan of Ann Voskamp's posts over at Holy Experience. This one really spoke to me, so I thought I would direct you to it. I have long heard the example of the jar and the rocks-- getting the big stuff in first so the little things fit into the little crevices nicely.

As I read her thoughts, I was struck by how two big things in my life always eluded me-- I struggled mightily for years with the idea of fitting in daily exercise and daily quiet time. And yet this year, in 2007, I have found myself getting both in daily. And it wasn't even that hard. I look back at how much I rebelled internally at the mention of daily quiet time and daily exercise, "But I have so many children! But I homeschool! I am so busy! I can't possibly do one more thing!"

And yet, now I wouldn't take anything for those big things which have become a natural part of every day. How did I go so long without doing them?

I did have to get intentional about making them happen. But once I did, that habit was formed and now it isn't an effort, it's life. Ann's words affirmed for me that fitting in the big things just takes a bit of effort, but really not that much more time. I loved what she wrote about most things taking no more than 15 minutes. I have found that myself. I think sometimes our biggest obstacles are mental constraints, not time constraints. We let ourselves get overwhelmed and psyche ourselves out of trying. I know I did that for many years, and am so glad I stopped.

Am wondering what big thing I might add to my days in 08?
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laundrylessons said...

I love the rock in the jar story too. I hate cleaning, and pay too much to have someone else clean my house, using the excuse that I don't have time. But lately I've been doing more of it myself (I'm unhappy with the job that I'm paying for) and I've really enjoyed the feeling of getting it done. I only squeeze 15-30 minutes in at a time...but over the last two days I steam cleaned the carpet in the hall and the steps. There was still time to make a great dinner and enjoy it with the family. Thanks for the post...

Andrea said...

That is encouraging Mary Beth. those are two things I aim to add to my "habits" this year. I'll let you know how it goes!! I'd love to see your daily schedule one day!!