Sunday, August 12, 2007

Being Wise With Home Loans

I have mentioned here before that my husband Curt does financial counseling for couples. He is very wise with money-- and that has come at the hard price of making some STUPID mistakes with money (on both our parts) in the past. In fact, that is why I now contribute to Money Matters-- to try to tell our story to save other folks from making the mistakes we did. I could keep you here all day telling dumb story after dumb story.

But I digress.

The main reason for my post this morning is to direct you to Curt's blog-- especially if you have an interest only loan on your home, or if you have considered this as a means for purchasing a home. These things sound good, but are starting to fall apart. Curt writes about this in more detail in his post, plus includes a link to an article on this, with some supporting scriptures.

We are having to make home buying decisions with our home on the market and it is not easy. We went to see a home that is what I jokingly call "the dream" yesterday. We liked it, and will consider it, but we are also gunshy about putting all our financial eggs in the home basket. I want a nice house-- but I also want money left over to enjoy life. We have that now as we have dug ourselves out of debt slowly but surely over the last four years (only two cars and one credit card payment left to being completely debt free!). If we sell our house and move, we will pay off those remaining debts and just have a house payment-- but if our house payment is a large one, then we are not going to be that much better off.

And so, we pray, and we ask the Lord for guidance, and instead of giving God our timelines and our druthers, our prayers have been transformed. Instead of "Please sell the house soon, Lord, because we want this house." Or, "please let a house come on the market in this particular neighborhood with this particular school," etc. Our prayer is simply this: "I trust You." Sometimes I have to say it several times a day, over and over, like a mantra. Because the simple walk of trusting God for our home, our lives and our livelihood is easy to pay lip service to, but hard to walk out-- especially when you have a tendency to live under the illusion that you are in control.

I trust You, Lord. Do you need to change your prayers to this simple prayer today? Most of the time you will find it is the best prayer you can pray.
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