Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Beach Living Thoughts

Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude--

At the beach, you don't tell time by clocks, you go by the tide. I like that. It adds a rhythm to the day that digital clocks do not.

At the beach, you learn to live with the bare minimum of everything-- I wore either my beach flip flops or my "dressier" Born flip flops constantly. Oh yeah, I did wear my running shoes too. I brought other pairs, but just didn't need them and certainly didn't feel like messing with them.

At the beach, my biggest goal for every day was getting some time on the beach, going for a run and getting a shower. That's it. I truly didn't have to think about much else.

I mentioned in another post that checking email while at the beach was a mistake. The realities of writing deadlines, details about projects, and speaking business stuff came screaming back in with their loud, insistent voices. Ugh. I love writing and speaking, but the family time was paramount.

A view of the water out your bedroom window (we were on a canal) does wonders for your perspective.

A tv in your room (something we don't have at home) detracts from the amount of reading you get done. It also does not help at all your Law and Order addiction.

Some beach trip numbers:

Number of years married: 16

Number of anniversary dinners: 2 (1 without kids, and 1 with)

Number of birthdays celebrated: 1 (my son turned 11 down there)

Number of kids we took to the beach: 6 (but there were also 5 cousins down there too-- dinners together were crazy as 8 of the 11 kids were ages 7 and under!)

Number of meals I didn't have to cook: 7

Number of books read: 3

Number of books begun, but not finished: 3

Number of visits to the beach: 12

Number of Law and Order shows watched: too many
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Andrea said...

Sounds like a great trip.
LOL at the LAw and Order. :)

Christine said...

Sounds wonderful! I love your numbers...

Happy Anniversary!