Monday, July 02, 2007

Preparing For Kindergarten

I found this handy little article on preparing your child for kindergarten, so I thought that if any of you have kids who are about 4, 5 or even 6, you might want to let them do some of these activities this summer when they complain about being "bored."

  • Roll playdough into balls. Vary the size of the balls from pea size to gradually larger. Have them use different parts of the hands-- fingertips only, palms only, etc.
  • Use toothpicks to draw designs in playdough.
  • Cut playdough with plastic knives. Have them cut different shapes out.
  • Tear newspaper into strips and crumple into balls.
  • Use a plant sprayer to mist plants. (I let mine squirt Windex and clean all the glass doors, mirrors and windows in the house!)
  • String beads, cheerios, macaroni, etc.
  • Turn over cards, coins or buttons without moving them to the edge of the table.
  • Make pictures using stickers or paper reinforcements.
  • Cut up junk mail to make collages
  • Make fringe on the edge of construction paper or cardstock
  • Cut playdough with scissors
  • Walk like a crab or pair up siblings and do the wheelbarrow walk
  • Catch bubbles with hands
  • Draw with fingers in wet sand, salt, rice or goop. Make goop by adding water to cornstarch until it reaches the consistency of toothpaste. Add food coloring. (We did this not too long ago and the kids are asking to do it again-- they played with it forever! It did make a mess, though, but it was worth it.)
  • Pick out small objects like pegs, beads, coins, etc. from a tray of salt, rice or sand. Try it with your eyes closed.
  • Play Simon Says and use left side or right side commands.
  • Play dot to dot games.
  • Trace around stencils
  • Make scenes using felt boards or magnetic boards if you have the equipment to do so.
  • Draw on a chalkboard instead of always using paper.
  • Check out some hidden pictures books. Highlights magazine has these each month.
  • Throw bean bags into a hula hoop placed on the floor. Increase the distance gradually.
  • Throw and catch a ball. Start with a large ball but work towards a smaller one.
  • Make a bowling game using empty soda bottles and a ball.

Credit: Loubina Buxamusa and Ann Mahoney

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funfelt said...

I just thought I'd share a great resource for felt boards: Story Time Felts. They are great! I printed out your list and am going to use it with my 3.5 year old. THANKS