Monday, July 02, 2007

My Crazy Husband and Friend

If you go over to my husband's blog you will see a photo my friend Karen sent me that was taken at She Speaks. He didn't explain the photo on his blog, so I will.

When I read Karen's book A Life That Says Welcome (excellent book, btw), she had a recipe for Frito Pie in it and noted that this dish is a popular southern dish. I got on the phone and begged to differ. I professed that I am a southern girl through and through and had never heard of nor tasted Frito pie. To be funny, Curt got on the phone and pretended to be this southern bumpkin named Earl (inspired by the tv show) and went on and on about eating Frito pie. We all got a good laugh out of it.

And so, for his birthday a bit later, what should arrive in the mail from dear Karen but a can of chili and a bag of Fritos! He was quite surprised. And so, off and on since then, the Earl joke has surfaced from time to time. When Karen got here she was on a mission to take this photo to prove that Earl does exist. And so, check out my goofy husband and my hilarious friend in one of their finest moments here.
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Rona said...

So what exactly is Frito Pie? Or is it really real, like Earl? Now, when I make chili, we put Fritos in the bottom of the bowl and then chili topped with shredded cheddar.