Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just Checking In

Well, it has been a few days since I have written here-- mainly because I have not spent much time on the computer in the last several days!

Friday was spent visiting with my friend Lindsey. I "met" Lindsey through her blog, Just Enjoy The Journey, and have been a faithful reader ever since. When I learned she only lived about an hour away from me, I quickly suggested we meet up somewhere. One thing led to another and she ended up coming to my house on Friday to spend the day. We mostly hung out at my house, but we did squeeze in a visit to the Proverbs 31 office and by my favorite homeschool store. I was so blessed to have met her and we are hoping to meet up when we are both going to be at the beach in the next few weeks! I love making new friends and Lindsey is especially a blessing!

One neat thing that came out of my visit to the P31 office is that Leann, our executive director, mentioned that she was getting rid of her son's bedroom furniture from his childhood years as she transformed his bedroom into a true teenage bedroom as a surprise. She was giving away a handpainted dresser and bookshelf that was still in excellent condition. We had been wanting to get our five year old son a dresser for quite awhile-- but alas, something more "urgent" has always claimed the money that would be spent on something like that. And so, on Friday night after dinner we drove out to Leann's and picked up the dresser and bookshelf. My son was so excited and it has really helped his bedroom look more like a cute little boy room. I love when God orchestrates something like that to work out so unexpectedly!

Saturday was spent working around the house-- to be honest, I couldn't even tell you what we did. About 3:00 I finally got myself together and headed out to run some errands. I spent a few minutes at a local consignment shop in their homeschool room (didn't find anything) and also tried to look for one more bathing suit for two of my girls (didn't find anything) in preparation for our beach trip. Then I hit the grocery store and headed home in time to collect the family for a dinner with my mother in law as her brother and his wife were in town from CA for a conference. And so, we ate dinner over there with the whole clan. It was noisy but fun.

After we got home, I spent several hours (didn't intend to-- how does that happen?) loading songs on my Ipod. My daughter helped me-- what would we do without our children to figure out computers for us? My husband slipped away to Starbucks to veg and read his new Harry Potter book that had arrived from Amazon special delivery. All was relatively peaceful and I went to bed listening to my new songs in happy oblivion.

This morning dawned bright and busy as we had an early morning showing, which meant that we had to go to an earlier than normal church service AND get the house in "showing condition" before we left. Have you ever thought about how your house looks as you are running out the door to church-- just happy every one is dressed and has shoes on? Well, usually I sigh and think how glad I am that no one will see the house before we get back home. Not so today!

Of course, they never leave cards anymore-- so I have no idea if they showed or not. I am trusting they did and that our efforts weren't for nothing. This afternoon my oldest needs some new cleats for football mini camp this week and the younger ones want to go to the pool. Tonight is a date night for us. Hooray!

Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing last day of the weekend. That is what I am planning to do!
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Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I enjoyed our visit too! :) Can't wait to get you guys up here for a little tour, or see you at the beach! Thanks again for hosting me.

momofsix said...

Wow! I found your site through another homeschool site. I sat here in tears as I read your posts. Your experiences mirror mine in SO many ways! It's like reading about my life. I'm a homeschooling mom of six and it's such a comfort to know there are others out there that have the same joys, struggles, and children:)that I have. Thank you so much for your honesty and insight! Hope you enjoyed your trip!