Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ICRS Adventures (Part Two)

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning we got up a little later and took our time getting ready since we didn't really have to be anywhere til after lunch. We were looking very rough and scary but that didn't stop us from getting our breakfast in the very beautiful, very public dining area. Other people looked very nice and put together and we just, well, tried to hide out in a dark corner. We sat for a very long time and talked, because, well, it was a new day and we had a whole new allotment of words to be used. It was peaceful, and while I did think about my poor husband at home managing the kids, I enjoyed the peace and pushed the guilty thoughts from my mind, choosing to savor the moment instead.
We finally dragged ourselves into the shower and headed over to our other hotel-- the place we would call home for the rest of the trip. We got checked in and then it was time for the AWSA workshops that we had to lead. The format of this was quite interesting, as it was a roundtable discussion-- which meant that the outline I brought didn't really apply. I was very worried that I would not know enough technical stuff for some of the questions they might ask about blogs. When one of the ladies opened the discussion by asking me to explain what a blog was, I knew we would be okay. The discussion was great and I had many ladies come and tell me that they appreciated the info and would be starting blogs when they got home. (If you are one of those ladies, be sure and let me know when you do start a blog!)

After the workshops ended, we changed clothes and freshened up and met my friend Karen from high school-- who was so wonderful to come all the way to downtown Atlanta to pick us all up and take us out. We went to dinner at Applebees and to see the movie Evening. It was so great and was the kind of movie that sparked a lot of conversation when we got back to our hotel room that night. We discussed every angle, as we still obviously had some words left to use up. Mostly the theme of that movie is regret and priorities, and it just really hit home with me. I like movies that make me think. I will admit that it is a bit slow at some points.

Sunday morning we got up and had church in our room-- Lysa read a devotion but we didn't sing or pass the collection plate. We all got ready and headed downstairs in the hotel for the AWSA Golden Scroll awards banquet, where Lysa was keynoting. That was fun and Lysa did an excellent job. She gave an inspiring message about keeping your focus on God and not on opportunities and exposure. The message really set the tone for the week at ICRS.
After we finished at the luncheon we had to hustle upstairs to get ready for the Harvest House (Lysa's publisher) dinner. It was a garden party theme held at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The gardens were truly beautiful and we just had a great time seeing old friends and laughing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself-- and the food was great. The evening was topped off with an awesome gospel choir whose voices filled the room and ushered us all right to the edges of Heaven. It was a magical night-- one that will not soon be forgotten!
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Bonita said...

I finally figured out that all I have to do is click on the time and I can comment! Your weekend sounds like a lot of fun.

Mommy Dearest said...

I drove through Atlanta Tuesday going to visit an old school friend of mine who was in town. I thought of you girls and considered stopping by to meet you!