Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th!

Before I wrap up my day and fall into bed exhausted, I thought I would blog about our fourth of July plans tomorrow.

Are you taking the time to celebrate in some special way?

We are having friends over to cook out, which we love to do. First we invited my son's friendgirl's family over-- mostly because I didn't want to part with him for the day, as he is leaving for camp for ten days the very next day. When he started making noises about spending time at her house for the 4th, I very quickly suggested that perhaps her family would like to come here instead. And we have a pool in our neighborhood. I'm just saying. So, I called up her mom and they said they would love to do that. So, we put together a menu and the plans were made. Fun!

Then my friend Shari stopped by today to visit with me and my kids for a bit. I asked her what they were doing and she explained that they always do something with this couple-- but that when she called the couple they said they were having a party and FORGOT to invite them. The nerve! I quickly offered for them to spend the 4th with us-- so they are!

And so, we are having a housefull. Of course, that's pretty normal. Full-er, I should say. Everyone is coming over about three to let the kids play up at our pool. They do a true old-fashioned 4th with the coin toss and greased watermelon and pie eating contest-- the whole nine yards-- so that will be fun. We women discussed it and none of us felt like baring it all up at the pool, so we will be staying home to get dinner ready and talk.
Here is the menu of pretty typical fare:

hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill
baked beans
macaroni and cheese

I am making two chocolate pudding pies for dessert, which I plan to decorate with red and blue sprinkles. This cool dessert will taste good on a hot day. My kids love it-- one of them even asked for it in place of a birthday cake one year. And it is SO easy! Make the chocolate pudding, put it in a bought Oreo crust and spoon a whole container of Cool Whip over top. Voila! De-lish!

After dinner we will head back up to the pool and watch our neighborhood's fireworks over the lake. It should be lots of fun and I am hoping that the baby will hold out long enough for the fireworks. She's such a little night owl it shouldn't be too hard.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Hanging with Shari is always fun and I am enjoying getting to know my son's friendgirl's mom Tracy. She is a sweet person-- much sweeter than me. I admire people like that.

And so, those are our plans for tomorrow. Whatever your plans are, I hope your day is fun and special. I thank God for a country that allows us the freedoms we so often take for granted.
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ascozyasspring said...

That sounds like so much fun. I haven't made baked beans before, but I may try this afternoon. Thanks for the comment yesterday - your blog is beautiful - what a lovely family you have. Have a great 4th!