Friday, July 06, 2007

Another Benefit of Blogging

I have like ZERO time to write this, but I just had to get it down before I go. I am speaking this weekend on "The Benefits of Blogging" and was reminded today of another benefit. People always remark that they think blogging takes so much time. But actually it saves time. Why? Because by having a blog you don't have to keep individual people updated on your life-- they can go to your blog and catch up. This saves time!

I became aware of this fact today when my mother in law came by to pick up two of my kids for their trip to Washington. She already knew all about my plans for the weekend-- why? Because she read my blog. Instead of filling her in on the details of my life, we were able to pick right up and move forward. I love it! She said that although we have both been busy and hadn't had time to talk, she felt like she knew what was going on with us. Because of our blogs!

And so, instead of taking time, it is actually saving me time. I am in a stage of life where talking on the phone for very long just isn't possible. It distracts me from what I need to be attending to. So I write it once on the blog and everyone knows the deal. Very cool-- technology can be ever so handy!
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Joni said...

Hate (and I do mean hate!) the to blog. Great thoughts about the benefits. Thanks for sharing. I'd love to know other benefits that you discuss as well if you have time to post some more. Good checking in with you!

Leah in Iowa said...

You're so right, Marybeth! Good insight on the time-saving advantage of blogging!

BTW, I did contact P31 about a tape so we'll see how that progresses.

Sunydazy said...

Amen to this post! Now, if only I could get my family to read mine...sigh...:-)
This is my first visit here. Very cute blog...