Friday, June 03, 2011

Endorsements For She Makes It Look Easy

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Today instead of me talking about my new novel, I am going to let some other people talk about it instead. Here are some endorsements for the book that I wanted to share:

I sit here with tears in my eyes having just re-read the last chapter of Whalen's character Justine and I wonder how many women will read this novel and decide to make different choices because Marybeth Whalen was brave enough to put into words what so many women deal with in their lives, even it it just plays out in their heads. Am I more like Ariel...or Justine? Each reader will have to decide for herself and with those conjectures, make some touch decisions. Although this book definetly brought out the nosy neighbor in me, it also made me seriously examine my own life to determine which character I had more in common with. And sometimes, that's a hard place to go. Kudos to Marybeth, for penning such a risky read.
-Shari Braendel, America's foremost Christian Modesty Expert and Author of Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad

In this novel, the author addresses head on the way women compare themselves. We’ve all done it. Decided that we’ll never measure up to the perfect image another woman portrays while that woman lives in a glass room she’s created. Both are traps that leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled. Read this engaging novel and you’ll enter a neighborhood of women living lives eerily like our own from the overworked mom with a life of chaos chasing her kids to the mom who’s created the image of a perfect, yet loveless world. Join Ariel on a journey to freedom. Freedom from comparison. Freedom to live our lives as God has called us. And freedom to develop deep friendships with other women.

Cara C. Putman, author of Stars in the Night

This riveting story offended me in the best kind of way. Oh how subtlety sin can tangle its way into lives. A masterfully written story with a warning every woman should read and heed.
Lysa TerKeurst
New York Times Bestselling Author of Made to Crave

Skillfully written, compelling, and honest, Marybeth Whalen's heartfelt story takes a revealing look at the price of perfection, the weight of secrets, and the blessing of those who love us just as we are --Lisa Wingate, National Bestselling Author of Larkspur Cove and Dandelion Summer

She Makes it Look Easy
is poignant and insightful, dramatic and challenging. Whalen details the inner struggle of two ordinary women with grace and wisdom. Women who could easily be our friends, our neighbors, our family. Or the women staring back at you in the mirror each morning. This is a great read.
Award winning author Rachel Hauck, author of Dining with Joy.

Marybeth Whalen possesses a remarkably keen understanding of the inner workings of a woman’s heart, and in her new and timely novel, She Makes It Look Easy, she takes an unflinching look at the lives of two upper middle class women in search of meaning and purpose beyond their seemingly picture perfect existences. This novel will remind you of what is most important, and it will certainly stir your soul.
Beth Webb Hart, author of the best-selling The Wedding Machine and Love, Charleston

Deceptively light, this story delivers surprising truths about friendship and temptation. I fell in love with Ariel and her delightful brood of little boys, who did what little boys do. They made me laugh out loud. I've known women like Justine and Whalen captured her perfectly. She Makes It Look Easy is a perfect summer read. Novel Journey and I give it a*high* recommendation.
Ane Mulligan, editor
Novel Journey

Here are some reviews that have appeared on blogs:

If you review the book on your blog, be sure to send me the link and I will tweet/Facebook about it and maybe post it here at some point!

And finally, be sure to hop over to Karen Ehman's blog where she is giving away a wonderful gift set around the theme of organization that runs through the novel. I know you will love it. Can't wait to see who wins!!

Whatever you do, I just want to thank each of you who buy and read She Makes It Look Easy. You guys are why I spend countless hours alone, scribbling in my pajamas without showering for days on end.
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Heather said...

It sounds great. It's on my "to-read" list!

Zibilee said...

I love seeing all these positive comments on the book, Marybeth!

Jodie said...

Wonderful endorsements! Looking forward to reading it!

Oh, I can't get Karen's blog to come up. Is that just me?

Sharon said...

So not fair...there's no way I'm going to be able to afford this book anytime soon. Reading these endorsements really makes me want the book.

Anonymous said...

Marybeth--I would love to read your book!!!---Thanks,Barb Wall Blessings and best of luck!!

Jenny said...

I'm loving it so far!!!! I knew I would. :)

Snicks said...

Just finished reading the book, wonderful! I like it as much as the mailbox, great story which I will not give away for those waiting to read it:)

Thanks again for another great novel.

Vonda Skelton said...

Congratulations on another book, Marybeth! I can't wait to read it. I'm so happy for you!

Kelly T. - Florida said...

Today I started AND finished The Mailbox! Can't wait to get your new novel:-)

Jenny said...

You inspire me. I stayed up til 3is this morning to finish your latest book. I loved it! Your honesty is refreshing and contagious ... in your blog and in your characters. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new book. Would love to read it.

Sandy said...

I identify with the P31 devotional today. I go in so many different directions I make myself dizzy. I would love to read your new book. I bet I could learn a few things that will make my life more rewarding.

Anonymous said...

The new novel seems to be an apt description of every woman's dilemna in trying to be the "perfect" wife and Mom. It sounds like a resource I need to read to overcome my low self esteem. Much success to you on the new novel. Love, Kathy

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I too enJOYed reading the "Mailbox", and I look forward to reading this one! I so enJOY your devotions.

Amy Spencer said...

The comments are amazing and probrably do not do this book justice. I can't wait to add it to my collection. I'm sure it will make excellent gift also! Thank you! Blessings, Amy Spencer

Elaina said...

I have read both of your books now and love them both. You are now one of my favorite authors! I only read books twice that are really good and I will yours for sure. Good job...the Lord continue to bless you and your family and your writing!!